How to Find Image URL in WordPress? 2 Simple Methods

Image URL in WordPress
Find Image URL in WordPress

In this blog post, I am explaining two different methods to find an Image URL in WordPress. Sometimes you may need to use the same image on another platform that you have already uploaded on your WordPress site.

You can get your image URL from WordPress very easily. You can get it from the Media Library and from posts or pages as well.

Whenever you upload any image on your WordPress site, it creates a file URL of that particular image. This URL is very useful. You can get it from the WordPress dashboard without any coding knowledge.

So let’s start

Find Image URL from the Media Library

First of all, you log in to your dashboard and you will see a Media option on the left side menu. You just hover on it and you will notice an option of Library.

You just click on Library. You can see the below image for your reference.

Get Image URL in WordPress
Go to Media>Library

When you will click on Library, you will come to the Media Library page in WordPress. You will have all your uploaded images in this Media Library. You can also do filter media files here.

You can view your images in the list and grid view. You can change as per your convenience here. If you know the image title you can search for a particular image from the search option also.

How to get Image URL in WordPress
Image URL from the Media Library

To get the Image URL, you just click on a particular image. After clicking on the image, a new popup window will open. In this window, your image will be showing and you can see the same details on the left side of the image.

Image URL
get Image URL

Your image URL is available in this window. It is available on the left side of the image below side. You can copy the image URL and use it at your convenience. This is one of the easiest methods to get the Image URL in WordPress.

As you can see, there are other details of the image are also available like:

  • Alternative Text
  • Image Title
  • Caption
  • Description

There are other details like Uploaded On, Uploaded BY, File Name, File Type, File Size, and Dimensions that are also available. There is an Edit option below the image. You can use the edit button to edit the image.

Find Image URL from the Post or Page

There is another easy option to get the Image URL in WordPress. If want to get the Image URL of your post or page, first open the particular post or page. After opening it, you just do right-click on the image and open it in a new window.

Now the image is opened in a new window and a new URL is showing in the browser. This is your Image URL. Now you can copy your image URL and use it.


Both the above methods are very easy methods to get your image URL in WordPress quickly. In the same way, you can also explore the URLs of other media files also.

Sometimes you may need the URL of the Media file to insert in other platforms like social media, another website, etc. In this case, you should know how to get the image URL in WordPress and the media file’s URLs.

I hope this article is helpful for you. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can write to us. I will appreciate your feadback.

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