How to Earn Money From YouTube Channels? 10 Smart Ways

earn money from YouTube fast
Step by step guide to earn money from YouTube

Since few years YouTube has become one of the popular and biggest platform. And millions of people are watching videos on YouTube everyday. Most of us know that we can earn earn money from YouTube by uploading videos. Of course there are some guidelines for it but we can’t ignore that the is one of the well know platform to make money.

You can share knowledge, entertainment, business ideas, funny videos, educational tutorial, and many more things to get followers and traffic on your channels.

If you are follwoing the terms and have good views on your videos, you can earn money from YouTube but yes there will requirement of hard and smart work, consistency, and many more things to make handsome money. Everything is easy but not so easy.

As per my opinion two things are most important: good videos and consistency. These two factor may be deciding factors for the success on YouTube. In this article, I am going to discuss 13 powerful and smart ways to earn money from YouTube. Let’s explore them:

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1- Google AdSense

There are so many ways to earn money from YouTube, however earning money from Google AdSense is one of the most common methods to monetize your videos on YouTube. You need to have a Google account to start and complete the terms and conditions of YouTube to monetize your videos on YouTube.

For the detail version of it you can read YouTube Channel Monetization Policies. By opting Google AdSense, you start showing ads on your videos and can earn money from it.

2- Affiliate Marketing

YouTube itself doesn’t have any official affiliate program. But Of course if you have joined some affiliate programs of other products and services, you can earn money from it by linking your affiliate links on your videos. If you open a videos of any other channel and go into description area, you may notice that there are some affiliate links are given.

Affiliate marketing is simple online business model where you get paid when some one purchase products or service by clicking through your links. Most companies have some cookies period also so you have longer opportunity to sell the item.

Before you start making money by recommending affiliate products or monetize your channel by any other methods, you must understand the complete guidelines of YouTube. So that you don’t do any mistakes and get penalty.

And most important you should do it according to your target audience, so that you can earn money from YouTube and you can optimize it also. Let’s understand with one example. Suppose you are running a YouTube channel where you post videos related to blogging.

So what do you think? Which kind of products you should recommend to your audience. If you ask me, I would say you should recommend products related to blogging like Hosting, Themes, Plugins, Software, Writing Tools, Etc to earn money from YouTube. However, sometime it may vary also.

3- Give Product Reviews

If you watch some videos on YouTube, you will observe that earning money from products reviews on YouTube is another most common methods to earn money from YouTube. If you have skills to make good videos and you can give a balance opinion about products, you can make money by reviewing products on YouTube.

If your channel is growing, sometime your will get offers from companies automatically to review their products. And in case you don’t have offers, you can also approach companies related to your segment to get offers to review products.

There are so many YouTubers who are making handsome money from this method. I suggestion, you should choose product review according to your expertise, knowledge, and target audience.

4- Sell Your Own Merchandise

If you are the person who is also having their own merchandise to sell, YouTube can be one of the best options for it. You can sell physical products like TShirts, Jeans, Gadget, or digital products on YouTube. You can try multiple methods for it however, read YouTube terms before doing it.

To sell your own merchandise, you can simply put your website links in description of the videos. YouTube also give opportunity to create your own store on this platform. For details you can go through the policies.

5- Sell E-Books

YouTubers can earn money from YouTube by selling EBooks also. YouTube is one of the most biggest video platforms and has a billions of audience on it. There are millions of people who are making money from YouTube with multiple methods and selling YouTube is one of them.

You can create some EBooks probably related to your niches and after making pull proof EBooks, you can sell them on YouTube. But selling EBook is not just as simple as putting Google AdSense banners.

To implement selling of EBooks, you need to make a good strategies and some marketing plans to make it effective and get good from it. The right pricing and the content quality are important factors for it so you need to make it well.

6- Sell Premium Courses

If you are an expert and have some mastery in a particular domain and you have the ability to represent and teach others, this can become a good option to earn money from YouTube. Making premium courses and selling them on YouTube may seems challenging but if you have the required skills and good audience on your channel, you can make handsome money out of it.

The keys to become successful on it are: have good target audience, subscribers, create good quality premium course, and make a good selling strategy. Try to make things simple, and avoid going into putting so many technical stuffs in your course. In case your courses are related to tech field then obviously you will include technical stuffs.

7- Get Sponsorships

While there are numerous ways to earn money from YouTube, making money through sponsorships is one of the most popular methods. When you promote products and or services of companies on your YouTube channels, they compensate you and pay a fees.

Companies may pay you when you talk about a product in your videos. And they also pay you when you mension their product details/links in the description of the videos. YouTubers earn money from YouTube platforms by promoting products and services of other companies.

8- Hosting Premium Webinars or Lives

Webinar is also a great way to earn money from YouTube platform. But, here you interaction with your audience and the way your approach matters a lot. You can host multiple wesbinar where people attend it and participate.

If you are hosting a premium webinar, you can get paid per viewer who is participating in it or even if they register for it. You can promote your upcoming webinars through other social media and through the YouTube videos also. So that you can get maximum number of participants.

But to host a premium webinars, first of all you have to make your good fan following and hardcore audience who can trust. And initially might be you need to host some free webinars also.

I would suggest, initially you should have free and later you can keep it mix of free and Premium webinars. It will help you to add more target audience and chances would be high to get more people in your premium events.

9- YouTube Shorts

Since few months YouTube shorts has become more popular. And ofcourse Gooogle is also working a lot to make it well established form of making videos. The good thing is people are also liking short videos. You can make short videos and publish on YouTube.

And enable ads on your short to earn money from YouTube. YouTube short can be beneficial to you in other ways also. If you use it smartly, you can utilise this to make a huge fan following and subscribers. To understand short policies in details you can read YouTube shorts.

10- Start A Paid Membership Program

I don’t know you are aware or not but, Yes, you can earn money money from YouTube by starting a paid membership program. Paid memberships program allow you to charge a monthly/yearly fees to access exclusive content.

In this case, you need to create exclusive, good quality content available to your paid audience. Along with exclusive content you can also offer other perks and benefits to them. Offers can be anything like discount coupons, offers on merchandise, Etc.


Now you are aware that you have multiple methods to earn money from YouTube platform. And if you have a YouTube channel then you have opportunity to make maximum out of it. But I would suggest that should not jump to apply all the methods at the same time.

You should workout that which methods are best suitable for you. One thing you should keep in mind that your subscribers and fan following should not get annoyed from it.

So, consider your audience first before implementing any monetization methods. You should have a balance approach so that you keep improve your earning as well as keep increasing the total number of subscribers, views, fan-folloing, etc.

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