How to Do Reverse Image Search Using Google Image?

Reverse image search b
Reverse image search

Normally, we search for something on google by typing text or through voice commands. But in reverse image search, we do it through an image. In this process, we upload an image and then we get the results.

A reverse image search is basically useful to get similar images, the source of the image, and or other information related to the particular image. Normally, you may find the following through the reverse image search:

  • Similar Images
  • Source of Image and info
  • Website or Webpage using the image
  • Sizes available for the image

Reverse image search on the computer is normally available on most browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. You can use this tool on the computer, Android, and iOS mobile as well. Let’s understand the steps, and how you can do it.

Steps to Do Reverse Image Search on Computer

First of all, open a browser on a computer and go to Google Image. And click on Search by image (camera image). Now you will have two options.

  • Paste Image URL
  • Upload an Image
Google Reverse image search
Search on Google with Image

You can use any of the above options. Either you copy your image’s URL and paste it into the box. And click on search by image or press enter.

Or use another option and click on Upload an image and choose your file from your computer. And click on search by image or press enter. After it, the result will be on your screen.


Google search image is very useful to find out similar images. If have an image and want to find out similar images, you can use this tool to get immediate search results on Google.

If you ask me in one line about Reverse image search. Then I would say it is an online Google search where you upload an image and get the search results.

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