How to Do Reading Settings in WordPress? Important Settings

Reading settings in WordPress
Reading Settings in WordPress Site

Reading settings are important for the display of your WordPress website. Do you want to show a static page on the front end? or You want to show your latest posts on the front page of your site. You can set it through the reading settings in WordPress.

There are many other important settings that you can do in the reading setting in WordPress. Like you can allow the search engines to index your pages/posts, etc.

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Reading setting is important from your visitor’s point of view and as well as your. So, let’s start it:

Reading Settings in WordPress

To do reading settings in WordPress, just log in to your WordPress dashboard. Go to Setting on the left sidebar menu. When you hover on the setting, a Reading option will appear along with others. As you can see in the given below image.

WordPress Reading Settings

Now just click on the reading option. After it, the Reading Setting page will be open. You can start doing settings from the page. At the top, Your Homepage displays settings are available.

Your Homepage displays

There are two options in Your homepage displays:

  • Your latest posts
  • A static page

You can choose one of them to select to display on your homepage. If you select your latest posts, then your latest post will display on your home page or front page.

Do Reading Settings in WordPress
Reading Settings

The second option is A static page. If you want to select this option, you need to select a particular page or post for your homepage. As you can see, there are two other options below the static page option.

  • Homepage
  • Posts page

You can select one option from the drop-down arrow. If you select a particular page from the homepage option, that page will be your front page.

feed - reading settings
post in feed – reading settings

And if you select a particular post from the Posts page option, that post will be your front page. You can select the number of posts from the Blog pages show at most. You can set your number from this option.

  • Blog pages show at most
  • Syndication feeds show the most recent

You can the number of posts as you want like 10, or 15, etc. The number of posts you fill will display on your front page.

In my opinion, a static page is better for the front page or home page of your site. You can create a customized and well-organized static page for your site. You can make your site more productive by having a good static page.

However, it is totally up to you. And the main thing, what is your goal. You set your front page according to your goal.

For each post in a feed, include

There are two options in this section. The first is Full Text and the second is Summary. You can select as per your choice. If you select the Full-text option, your full article will display to the RSS feed subscribers.

feed - reading settings
post in feed – reading settings

However, if you select Summary, only a summary of your article will be displayed to RSS feed subscribers. In this case, if they want to read your full article, have to visit your site. And it is beneficial for you. However, both the options have their own plus and minus points.

Search engine visibility

This is one of the most important settings in the reading settings in WordPress. There is an option to Discourage search engines from indexing this site. Through this option, you can allow or disallow the search engines to index your site.

If you want that search engine to index your site, you need to uncheck the box. Normally, if your site is under development or not ready properly, you should check this option.

Search engine visibility - reading settings
search engine visibility

When your site is ready, then only you should allow the search engines to index the site. After doing all the settings on the page, click on the Save button.


If you have a blog/site in WordPress, reading settings in WordPress are always important. Whenever, you install your WordPress, should do all the required setting. If you know about SEO, you may have a better idea, why all these settings are important for you.

For the growth of your site, everything is important. Reading settings in WordPress is one of the main settings which you should not miss.

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