How to Do General Settings in WordPress? Important for You

general settings in WordPress ou
General settings in WordPress

In this blog post, I am going to discuss General settings in WordPress. Whenever you start a WordPress site and install WordPress, you must do some settings. Avoiding the settings in WordPress might not be good for your site.

There are the following settings in WordPress which you should do after installing the WordPress.

  • General Settings
  • Writing Setting
  • Reading Settings
  • Discussion Settings
  • Media Settings
  • Permalink Settings

All the WordPress settings are very important. You must go through all the settings. In this blog post, I am covering only General Settings in WordPress. So let’s start it.

General Setting in WordPress

General Settings
Different General Settings in WordPress

If you want to do general settings in WordPress, just log in to the dashboard of your site. here you can see the Setting option in the left sidebar menu. To open the settings, click on it.

Now all the options of settings will be expanded. you will see the options of General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, and permalink. For the general settings, click on general. A general settings page will be opened. and you can do all your general settings on this page.

Site Title: By default WordPress shows just another WordPress Site as your site title. The site title is the first option in General Settings in WordPress. You should write your title according to your site.

This title is important from an SEO point of view. It is visible to your visitors when searching for you on Google or any other search engine. So, update this title after installing WordPress.

Tagline: Tagline is also one of the most important factors for your site. Write the best tagline for your site. In my opinion, you should write it according to the content of your site. A tagline is basically, one line about your website.

You should attractive tagline that matches your site. It is also visible to the visitors in search engine results.

WordPress Address (URL) & Site Address (URL): For these two places you can write your website URL. Normally, you should keep both URLs the same. If you enter different URLs, you might face errors when you open your site.

Administration Email Address: This email address is very important for you. You can reset your email address. When you install WordPress, your email address is shown in this section.

When you change your Administration email address, you have to verify it first.

Time Zone: When you install WordPress, you must reset your Time Zone. Select the time zone according to your country. Time zone vary from country to country. You should not change the time zone again and again.

Date Format & Time Format: There are Date Format and Time Formats also. There are multiple options for date and time. You can select the best one.

For more knowledge on Time and date

After doing all the settings on the general settings page, click on the Save button. Before you save it, you can also review all the settings. If you are missing any important setting, you should complete it.


In this blog post, I have discussed only the General setting section. However, whenever, you install WordPress, you should go to all the settings pages and set it well. WordPress setting is very important for SEO.

As you can see, there is a membership option on the general setting page. You can also set it according to your site. If your site doesn’t provide any member site then keep this setting off.

And if you are running any membership site or allowing membership on your site then you can keep it on.

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