How to Disable Right Click and Protect Your Content?

Disable right click protect content d
Disable right click

You are reading this article because Maybe you want to know how to disable Right Click and protect the content of your website. There are people like you, who are doing hard work and creating their own content.

But, there are some people who don’t do hard work, and they just copy content from other websites without permission and paste it on their own website.

That’s why if you want that nobody can copy content from your website, then you should disable Right Click and some important keys on your website.

You can do it manually if you are tech-savvy and aware of coding. But if you are not confident about coding, then the easiest way is to use a plugin. However, I always recommend using a limited number of plugins on your website.

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In this article, I am explaining one of the most popular plugins for this function.

Disable Right Click

Wp Content Copy Protection & No Right Click is one of the most popular plugins. This protects the post content from being copied by anyone. As its name shows Content Copy Protection and No Right Click.

Currently, it has more than 100000+ active installations. This plugin has its free and premium version as well.

WP Content copy protection & no right click plugin
WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

The free version has some limited features and if want its advanced features also, then you have to opt for the premium version.

To start using this plugin, you just need to install it on your WordPress website. After installation, click on activate.

settings to disable right click
Settings-WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

After it, go to the settings section of the plugin. You will have a view like in the above image. Normally, the setting in this plugin is already done, however, you need to review and save the settings.

If you want to do any changes in the settings, you just simply click on the drop-down arrow.

And make it enable or disable as you want. The above is only the image of the Main Settings Tab, which is the basic protection layer. As you can see the following settings available in the Main Settings Tab.

  • Post-Protection By Javascript.
  • Homepage Protection by Javascript.
  • Static Page Protection.
  • Plugin Icon on Top Admin Bar.
  • Exclude Admin From Protection – This feature is available for Premium Version.
  • Selection Disable Massage.
  • Print Preview Massage.

Normally, there are following settings tabs are available on the settings sections of this plugin.

  • Main Settings
  • Premium RightClick Protection
  • Premium Protection By CSS
  • More With Pro

You can click one by one, review, and save the settings. Here is a list of some basic features of WP Content Protect & No Right Click Plugin.

  • This plugin protects your content from selection and copy.
  • Protect your image, no one can save your images from your website.
  • There is no right-click or context menu.
  • Show alert message.
  • This plugin disables CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X, CTRL+S, or CTRL+V keys.
  • The Control panel of this plugin is easy and advanced.

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If you don’t want that people steal content from your website, you should take the steps to protect it and you should also disable Right Click on your site. This plugin is popular and has multiple features. But still, I would recommend you go through the details of the plugin before you install and activate it.

Whenever you install any plugin, you must read the details of the plugin. So that you know the benefits of the plugin and also know whether it is good for your website or not.

Plugins are a very important factor for your WordPress website and you should always take extra care while installing.

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