How to Delete a Category in WordPress? Easy Steps

Delete a categories in WordPress
Deletion of categories

Maybe you have created some categories in your WordPress site. But you want to delete a category because of some reason. This article is all about how to delete a category in WordPress and might help you.

Deletion of categories in WordPress is easy and you can delete it quickly. You can delete a single category in WordPress and multiple categories as well. More or less both have the same process.

Categories are very important for navigation on your site.

Let’s have a look on process to delete a category in WordPress.

Delete a Category in WordPress

To delete a category in WordPress, first, log in to your WordPress dashboard website. Just click on Post on the left sidebar menu. Now you will notice a categories option along with some others.

You just click on Categories. Now you will be redirected to your categories page. You will have a list of all the categories on the page. From this page, you can delete your categories.

Delete a category in WordPress site
Go to Posts and select Categories

You just hover the category which you want to delete. When you will hover on a particular category, a delete option will appear. You just need to click on the delete button.

Delete Single Category
Delete single category through delete option

After this process your category will be deleted. Before final deletion, you also get a popup of confirmation to delete. You can press it as ok to delete your category.

Might be you have created so many categories on your WordPress site. So, in that case, you can also search your category from the search option.

The search bar for categories is available on the above of the list. If want to search a particular category, you just write the name of it in the search bar and click on search categories.

Another way to delete a category in WordPress: You just tick the check box of the particular category which you want to delete. At the top of the categories, click on the bulk. Now you will have a delete option.

Select the delete option and click on apply. After clicking on apply, your category will be deleted.

How to Delete Multiple Categories in WordPress

If you want to delete more than one category, You can delete it one by one and in bulk also. You need to select the categories which you want delete from your WordPress site.

Delete Multiple Categories
Delete multiple categories through the bulk action

After selecting the categories, just click on the bulk action on the top. After it, select the delete option and click on Apply. Your selected categories will be deleted after this process. As you can see above example image.


As you can see, you can delete a category in WordPress very easily. Even you can delete multiple categories without any puzzle. There is no need to have any coding knowledge. There are so many functions in WordPress, which you can do it quickly.

You can add, edit and delete categories in WordPress without coding also. In this article, I have explained only to delete a category in WordPress. If you want to read how to add categories in WordPress, you can go through the below post.

How to Add Categories in WordPress?

Apart from Uncategorized, you can delete all the categories with the same process. But to delete uncategorized, you need to do writing setting in WordPress.

I hope, this blog has given you the required information and it is helpful for you.

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