How to Create an Online Course and Sell? Step By Step Guide

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Create and Sell online course

Since the last few years, the demand for online courses has grown up and research shows that it has good and potential market. If you are thinking about creating an online course and selling it online, it can be a good idea to earn money.

If you research, you will notice that already there are many online creators and companies in this field. However, the scope is huge and you can also make your position and become an authority in a domain.

Your expertise and knowledge will be the basic requirement to create an online course. Creating videos and online courses are different things. In this field, you need to consider a lot of things to implement it.

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Benefits of Creating and Selling Online Courses

As an expert/teacher/or professional, you do what you love. But do you know you can do a lot more if you have some expertise in a particular field or subject? You can make passive income by creating and selling an online course.

And the good part is you can make money while you are sleeping also. You can create multiple online courses and make them available on online platforms like your own website, e-commerce sites, social media platforms, etc.

And when each time anyone will buy a course, you will make the money. There are multiple benefits and some of the benefits are given below:

  • You can launch a monthly program or a membership program for your courses allowing people to access them anytime. If people join then they will pay monthly fees or membership program fees.
  • You have full freedom to work according to your schedule and time. You didn’t have limitations like in a job. So you can create online courses as per your available time and even you can work late at night also.
  • Online courses are different from traditional courses. In traditional courses, students need to take classes at a particular time. However, in the case of online, it has a lot of flexibility. Students can access the course from anywhere and as per their convenient time.
  • In this business, you can reach people around the whole world. You can reach as maximum people as you want. It just depends on you only. By creating and selling online courses, you can tap people globally and make good money from them.
  • Most importantly, you have complete control over your courses and you have the complete right to make pricing, planning, strategies, and marketing plans. You can design courses as per your expertise or you can add up new skills/knowledge also.

Steps to Create an Online Course?

Creating an online course includes some important steps that you should know. First of all, you should give extra attention to each course you create. Knowing the audience, goals, topics, and other processes, are important before you start doing it. Here are a few important steps that you should consider:

1- Selection of Topics

Choose a topic that you enjoy writing and reading. Choose the topic which you are passionate about. And choose the topics which you can represent well and you have the expertise of that. When you will it, your passion will reflect in your course and will have a good impact.

However, you should make sure that your topics are good, relevant, and solving some purpose. You do some research to find out topics related to your niche or expertise and you will easily find it. There are different tools and websites that you can use to research.

2- Create an Outline

Before you start putting in-depth knowledge and chapters in your course, you should create a proper outline of the course. Making an outline will help you a lot and will guide you to reach the goal of the content.

Before creating an outline, you should consider, the purpose of your course, length, structure, target audience, and delivery process. Once you have checked all the points, you can start to create your course. You can include the following while creating your course. However, it may vary from course to course.

Title: First of creating a title for the course. Your title to reflect the goals and content. Your title should be attractive, and relevant to your audience.

Overview of the Course: You need to put a general overview over here and you should mention what your audience can expect from the course.

Description: You should describe every section of the topic in detail and put content in each module with extra care and focus. So that you can include good-quality content.

Assessment: At the last of each section, you should include an assessment and you can include a final assessment after completing each module.

3- Target Audience

You can’t ignore the target audience. You should know who is going to buy your course. You should research and understand the interest, problems, desires, and preferences, of your audience.

If you know it, you can create a better course and make a good marketing plan to sell more units. In addition to that, if you know the needs of your, you will have an added advantage to engage and motivate them.

4- Marketing and Promotion

After creating a course, you should not just sit and wait for people to buy your course. How people will buy them if they don’t know about them? You should do some marketing and promotional activities in your work.

It is important that people know about your newly launched courses and also know why it is beneficial for them. You should try to reach your audience through social media, websites, blogs, email marketing, and paid advertising as well.

There is no limit but keep it in balance. Avoid doing over advertising or doing so much expenditure on it. If you work out, you can make a good strategy and grab a good market.

How to Sell Your Course?

After creating a course, the main challenge is how to sell it. There are several methods to do it. However, you should start with some of the important methods or choose the methods as per your expertise and knowledge. But before you start selling it, what about the price of your course? It should be $100 or $1000 or something else.

See, the price of the products depends on many factors including the competition. So, after considering all the important facts, you should keep an ideal price for the course. The price should be like people can get the same or more value from your course.

You can sell your courses through your own websites. If you have a YouTube channel, you have the opportunity and multiple methods on YouTube to promote and sell it. Social media platforms can also be other major platforms to sell the courses.

Mainly there are two methods to sell it. First, you can sell it, a one-time purchase model. Second, you can go through the subscription model as well. Udemy, Coursera, etc, are some popular names in the field of online courses.

Why Create an Online Course?

I can write so many reasons to create online courses but a long list will not fulfill the purpose. Mainly there are two main reasons two create them. First to make some passive income and second to share your knowledge and expertise.

And both are valid and genuine reasons for everyone. If you share some knowledge with others, it can help others and may make someone’s career also. Sharing knowledge is always good whether you are doing it for free or getting paid for it.

If you have expertise and command over a niche or topic, you can share it in multiple ways like creating eBooks, Courses, writing Blogs, or through social media posts also. Creating online courses and selling them online is one of the best options to make money and reach a wider audience nationally and internationally.


if you are an expert in something, creating online courses can be easier for you compared to those who don’t have the expertise and enough knowledge. Currently, this business is in full demand and has a lot of scope. Whatever work you do, there is a need for time, money, and effort. And the same requirements are in this business also.

If you keep the above points in mind, creating and selling online courses can be good for you. There are several things that you need to consider like Research, target audience, content, design, marketing, promotion, etc. But if you are really interested and willing to do it, you can do it. Consistency is the key to any success, and you need to have patience and make a consistent effort.

Always try to make high-quality courses and keep an ideal price, ultimately you consider your users who are going to purchase your course. Never underestimate engagement and interaction with your target audience. You can even sell more by doing regular engagement and interactions with them.

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