How to Create the Best Headline for the Blog Posts? 9 Tips

Best Headline for the blog posts h
Best Headline

Do you know your article’s headline plays a very important role? In my opinion, you should do some extra care to write the best headline for the blog posts.

If nobody is clicking on your blog post, there is no meaning that your blog is showing in search results. Even if it is showing on the first page either.

There are three important things which you should understand and work towards it:

  • First, Your blog posts should show in Google search results and other search engines. And your priority should be the gain the position on the first page in search results. It may take some time but the effort should be in the same direction.
  • Second, You should have the best headline for the blog posts. So that, visitors find your blog post attractive and informative, and they click on it. More click means more traffic to your blog.
  • Third, and the most important is your content. It should be really good and solve the purpose of the visitors. So that they get satisfaction from your blog and spend more time on your site.

Apart from the above three, there are multiple things that are important for your blog. However, in this article, I will write about the headline of the blog post.

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Here I am going to discuss a few tips, which may help you to create the best headline for your blog posts.

Tips for Best Headline for the Blog Posts

Writing the best headline for the blog post is not rocket science. You can create an awesome and attractive title for your blog post if you consider some important points.

1- First of all you have to be clear that what is your topic. What do you want to tell about your visitors in your post?

And you should write your title that can have a proper massage and indication of your content. Because most of the visitors first read the headline, if they get satisfied with it, then they click on it.

2- You should include a question in the title. I guess, sometimes you have also searched for something in Google or in any other search engine to get a solution or information.

Mostly questionable headlines have more attention than normal headlines.

For example

Someone wants to know how to create the best headline for the article. And there are the following results on the search results page: Create the best headline for the article. And How to create the best headline for the article?

As you can see, the second option creates more attention. And there is more chance to click on the second option.

I would like to advise you to start your headlines from the question. Like you can start it from “What is”, “How to”, “What is”, “When”, etc.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should include question marks in all your articles. You should do it whenever it is genuinely possible and make your headlines attractive.

3- You should have a solution and purpose in your headline that you want to convey to your target audience.

If your headline properly conveys to the visitor that it can solve and or provide the right information that the audience is looking for, the Chance they click on it.

For example, you are reading this blog post, and it is very clear that it is about how you can write the best headline for the blog posts.

Solution in best headline for the blog posts
A solution in your title

4- Include a Negative or Positive word in your headlines. These kinds of words have different attention on visitors’ minds comparatively normal words. For example, the Use of Awesome, The Best, Risky, Critical, Etc.

Let’s see some examples:

  • How to create an awesome design for your blog post?
  • Avoiding security practices might be risky for your website.
  • Tips to select the best hosting service providers.

As you can see, how positive or negative words are impressive for the headlines.

5- Include a keyword in your headline. It is important for the SEO purpose and for the point of view of the audience also.

6- Including a number in the title is better than writing a plan title. For example,

  • 15 tips to select the best hosting service providers.
  • Tips to select the best hosting providers.

As you can see the first one is looking better than the second option. It doesn’t mean people always will click on the first option.

However, it means there is more chance to click on the first option. But visitors may also click on the second option.

7- Keep your headline easy and simple to read. Most people do not give so much time to read every option on the search results page. They normally click quickly on the title which they like instantly.

And in that case, if your headline is too complicated and tough to understand, people may avoid it. So you should write your title in a way, people like it quickly.

8- To create the best title for the blog posts, keep it within 70 characters. Because it is important for the audience and for the search engine as well.

It is an important SEO factor also. Write your title maximum of up to 70 or 75 characters.

9- In my opinion, you should avoid having a generic headline. I think, your title should be specific and focused on your target audience.

Be specific
Write the title for the target audience

Avoid writing your title for everyone. Know your target audience and write the title considering them in mind.


Make your title awesome, specific, informative, simple, short, attractive, and exciting. If you want to rank in Google and want good traffic on your blog, your title should be on the priority list.

Without having good titles, getting a good number of clicks in search results is not easy. And you know it is important to get clicks to get good traffic on your site.

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