How to Create a Page in WordPress Blog or Website? A Guide

Create a Page in WordPress Site
How to Create a Page

As you can see, this blog site has some pages. Like this, you may also need to have some important pages on your website. Especially you need to create Privacy Policy, Home Page, Contact Page, Disclaimer, Cookies Policy, etc. In this article, I am discussing how to create a Page in WordPress.

Whenever you start a blog or site, you must create basic and important pages on your site. It should be one of the important tasks for you. Normally, pages are static in nature and different from the post.

How to Create a Page in WordPress?

If you want to create a page in WordPress, log in to your WordPress dashboard. As you can see there is an option of Page on the left sidebar menu. Please click on the page. When you will click on-page, you will see a list of all your pages.

And top of that there is the option of Add New. To create a new page in WordPress, you click on this Add New button. You can also notice this Add New button on your left sidebar also.

Create a Page in WordPress
Add a New Page in WordPress

After clicking on Add New button, a new page editor section will open. As you can see the option of:

  • Add Title
  • Start Writing or type/to choose a block

You can write your page title where Add title section. And you can write your content in the writing section. If want to use any block, you just click on the Plus(+) option and click on the particular block you want to add.

Page Title
Add Title

Now you can publish your page but before you publish the page, you should do some settings. As you can see there are some settings on the right side of the page.

When you click on the page on the right side, you will see the option of Status and Visibility. When you will check the visibility option, you will have three options:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Password Protected

If you want to keep your page visible to everyone, make your setting public. And if you want to keep visible the page to the admin and editors only then make the setting private.

The third option is password protected, in this case, you can protect the page with a password. And it can be opened with a password only.

Status & Visibility
Visibility Setting of page

Below the visibility option, you can see the publish button. If you want to publish your page immediately then keep the setting as immediately. And if you want to schedule it for later, you can set it from here.

There are many other settings like Permalink, Featured image, Discussion, Page Attribute, and some other settings. You can check all the settings and optimize them. In brief here are the steps to create a page in WordPress:

  • Login to the WordPress dashboard
  • Click on Page Option
  • Go to Add New
  • Write Title
  • Write content on the page
  • Do all the Settings
  • Publish

You should preview and proofread your page before publishing it.


When you create a page in WordPress, a new link is also created for that particular page. Before you hit on publish button, you check all the settings and preview your page. If you don’t want to publish the page right now, You can also save it in your draft.

Preview your page and proofread it once again before you publish your page. As you can see, creating a new page in WordPress is very easy. You can create it without any coding knowledge.

After creating and publishing your pages, you should also add them to the navigation menu. So that your visitor can locate the page easily.

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