How to Create a Menu in WordPress? Guide for Beginners

Create a menu in WordPress
Menu in WordPress

When I started my first website, even I didn’t know how to create a menu in WordPress. I was struggling with every new thing. But after some time when I become familiar with WordPress, everything becomes very easy.

WordPress is easy to use, you just need to be familiar with it. Work more on it you will be more familiar with it.

I may guess, some beginners might not know to create a menu in WordPress. That’s why I am writing this blog post. Menus are a very important part of your website or blog. You should really know it and implement it well.

Create a Menu

If you want to create a menu in WordPress, just log in to your site. In the left sidebar, you see a lot of options. You just hover on Appearance or you can click on it also. After doing this you will see the option of Menus

You can have a look in the below image. After that click on menu to create your menu.

Menu in WordPress
Appearance to Menu

When you will click on the menu, a new page will open. On this page, you will see the option of creating a new menu. You just click on this option. After that, you fill in the menu name.

Create a menu
Create a Menu

Now click on create menu. Now you will see a save button. But before you click on the Save button. You also select the display location of your menu. After the selection of display location, click on the Save button.

Save Menu
Display Menu Location

When you click on save button, your menu is ready. Now you can add items in your menu.

Add Items to Menu

When your menu is ready, you can add items like posts, pages, categories, etc in your menu. As you can see the option of Add Menu items in the left side. Below All menu items options, all the items are available.

You need to select the items which you want to add to your menu. If you have more than one menu you should also select the menu with care.

After adding the items to your menu, you can rearrange them also. You just drag and drop the menu items to rearrange them.


The menu is very important for your site structure and navigation. If you have done it well, your visitors will easily locate the content of your site. Display location of the menu of your site will depend on your theme also.

I hope this article is helpful for you and you have the idea to create a menu in WordPress.

Newspaper, Astra and WP Ocean are some good WordPress themes.

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