How to Control Anger During a Conversation? 7 Tips

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Control Anger

You are reading this article because somewhere you are interested to work on yourself. And want to know how to control anger during a conversation. Becoming angry is a normal process and apart from some exceptional people, we all face waves of anger in many situations in our life.

But in my opinion, it is a matter of the level of your emotions only. There are two different kinds of emotions you have. One is good emotion and another one is a bad emotion. In my opinion, anger is a kind of bad emotion and happiness is a good emotion.

But now let’s focus on our main topic and that is how to control anger during a conversation. The conversation may be in your office, at your home, or with your friends or relative. In this article, I will discuss 7 tips that will very help full to control your anger.

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But here I am not focusing on a temporary solution, however, my goal in writing this article is to get away from the anger and be able to control your anger in most situations in life. I will do my best to deliver the best article.

If you will try to control your anger immediately, there is a very rare chance that getting a permanent solution. But if you work on it for a long period of time and apply some good things in your daily routine, you can control your anger in a better way and in long term as well.

So, let’s dive into those amazing tips that can make you able to control anger during a conversation.

1- Know Reasons to Control Anger During a Conversation

There can be different reasons behind anger. You may have your reasons and I may have my own reasons. But if I summarised it, there are mainly two causes. One is the person who gets angry and the second is the situation.

However, if I elaborate, there may be some of the following reasons behind your anger. And if you work on your problem and follow some tips, you definitely can control anger during a conversation and in life as well.

  • The conversation is not going on as per your expectations.
  • The result is not according to your expectation or as per the target.
  • Conflict during a conversation. Your points of view do not match with others or are a reverse condition.
  • Someone is showing his or her anger toward you, and that’s why you get angry.
  • You are already disturbed by family.
  • You are abused or humiliated.
  • Lack of Focus.
  • Delay in Work.
  • Traffic is on the way.
  • Financial Issues. Like you have some debts.
  • Relationships Problems.
  • You are chasing your dreams but you are far behind them. It creates some anger and frustration.
  • Nobody considers you or value.
  • Stress, Anxiety, and fatigue.
  • Depression and Procrastination.
  • Injustice with you.

2- Make Yourself Physically and Emotionally Strong

Everything depends that how you manage your emotion. If you are emotionally and physically strong, you will be able to deal with every situation.

When you are emotionally strong, you are less reactive and you know how to deal with different situations. Even if someone gets angry with you then also you might be able to understand your counter person and you do not behave with the person in the same way.

emotionally strong control anger during a conversation
emotionally strong control anger during a conversation

It has been seen that emotionally strong people are happier and can handle difficult situations with ease. they don’t react so much and they likely get impacted.

In the same way, if you are emotionally strong and confident enough, you can feel any difficult conversation without any problem. If you are an emotionally strong person then:

  • You can deal with a difficult conversation.
  • You will behave like a nice person.
  • The focus will be on a solution, not on the problem
  • There will be less impact of setbacks or bad things on you.
  • You will learn and improve.

To make yourself emotionally and physically strong you should do some activities on regular basis. Here is a list of some important things that you should do:

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Running and Exercise
  • Reading books
  • Eat Good
  • Sleep Well

3- Take a Break

Whenever you start feeling that the conversation is going to be intense, and you can’t control your anger, the best way is to take a break. Your break may be for a cup of coffee or for a walk or anything else. You just step out from the moment which increases your anger.

You just need to calm down and think about something good in your life or in your office. Or look at some pictures of jokes or some other good images or short videos.

The main objective is to control that anger emotion and move toward a good emotion like being positive and happy. And when you start feeling good, positive, and happy, you can start your conversation again.

There may also be another situation like you can’t step out of the meeting. Then, in that case, I would suggest, taking a few long breaths and counting your breath.

Just focus and sit silently for a few moments. It will help you to control your anger during a conversation.

See, there may be n number of different scenarios where you get angry. But as I above said if you are emotionally strong then you would be able to handle the situation. Every situation can’t be the same and you need to control and manage yourself as per the situation.

4- Replace Your Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts

Replacing your negative thought is one of the important things to do to control anger during a conversation. When something is not as per expectation, negative thoughts may start coming to your mind. And these negative thought may create an emotional imbalance and intense you to be angry.

So, it is very important that whenever you feel that you are getting angry, notice your negative thought. And replace your negative thought with positive thoughts.

I know it is not as easy as I have written over here. But if you do this practice on regular basis, after a few days or months, it would be very easy for you.

Believe me, your positive thoughts can do a miracle in your life. It can change your life and make you happier than ever. See, our life is full of ups and downs. Whether we talk about personal life or professional life, our positive thoughts give us a lot of power and the right path.

Directly and indirectly, it is very helpful to control your emotion and control anger during a conversation.

5- Maintain Balance between Personal and Professional Life

Here I am discussing two major responsibilities of life. Maintaining a good balance between the two is very important to be happy, peaceful, and productive for both responsibilities.

It is quite possible that when you are disturbed at your home or have some family issue, it impacts your work in the office. Because emotionally you are not feeling good at that time.

In a reverse scenario, your boss was angry with you when you were rushing towards your home. It is possible that you get angry too but you may not show your anger to your boss. However, when you reach your home, you show your anger and frustration to your family members.

Showing your office frustration at your home or home frustration in the office, are not good at all. You need to maintain and take full responsibility and make yourself emotionally so strong that you can keep a good balance in your work life and personal life.

Your office work should not impact your family. when you are at home, you should give your proper and focused time to your family and yourself.

And when you are in the office be focused on your work and deliver the best results. Believe me, if you are happy in your personal life, you will be able to deliver more in your work life. And when you are happy and productive in your professional life, you will deliver more in your personal life too.

6- Gratitude Writing and Affirmation

In my knowledge, gratitude is one of the best practices to make your life beautiful and happy. You can gratitude for everything you have in your life, whether it is a big achievement or a very small thing. Even, you can gratitude for your toothbrush also.

You may have a lot of things in your life and you can gratitude for them. It will definitely improve your thought process, feelings, and life.

Here are some examples of gratitude:

  • I am grateful that I have a good life.
  • I am grateful that I am a good person.
  • I am grateful that I respect everyone.
  • I am grateful that I have a house.

Here are some examples of affirmations. However, you can make a list of your affirmation. Let’s have an example of some good affirmations:

  • I am a nice person.
  • I behave well with everyone.
  • I can handle every situation peacefully.
  • I am a cool, calm, and peaceful person.
  • I love nature.
  • I love my family.
  • I respect everyone and I always speak well with everyone.

I have learned about gratitude and affirmation on YouTube and through books. Affirmations and gratitude can really be very helpful for you to control your anger.

I would recommend you do all these practices but have a balance. Avoid overdoing anything and don’t be desperate for anything. If you want to learn more about it, you can watch some good videos on YouTube or you can read some books on this subject.

7- Be a Good Listener

Only good listening can solve so many problems. If you are a good listener, you carry a different power and energy, that every person may not have.

You have the guts to listen to someone with full attention and understand others’ points of view completely. Being a good listener, you don’t conclude everything in between conversations.

When you listen to someone carefully, you give a sense of importance to that person. This sense of importance builds a connection and conversation flows in a good direction.

For any conversation, whether you do it at home or in your office, listening is very crucial. It shows that you are sincere and curious to know what the other person is saying. Listening can help you to control anger during a conversation a lot.


What you watch, listen to, and read also impacts your personality. Everything is a matter of information you put in your mind and what are your habits.

Try to read good books, watch good movies and serials or programs, and listen to good things. It will add some good information to your mind, which will be beneficial for you.

Meditation and exercise should be in your daily habits because, these two things are very beneficial in our lives, and they will keep you strong and fit.

I hope after reading this article, you feel more confident and will be helpful to control anger during a conversation.

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