How to Choose a Best Domain Name for Your Website? 8 Tips

choose domain name
How to choose domain name

When I started this website, I searched a lot to choose a domain name. I took so much time to finalized I like this name so much. It is short, simple, easy to remember, easy to pronounce, and much more things are satisfactory.

Actually, your domain name is going to be your brand, so you have to be very careful while choosing it. It is not such a thing that you should select randomly. When you start your website or blog on WordPress or on any other platform do some homework to select a good domain name.


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in this blog, I am going to discuss 8 tips that may help you to find a suitable domain for you. So, let’s begin:

1- Short and Easy to Remember

Short domain name
use you domain short

First and most important, the domain name should be short and easy to remember. If the name is short then people will easily remember. For example – Bluehost, Amazon, Google, etc are very short names and people can easily remember these names.

But in case your name is so lengthy, then it might get some difficulties to remember.

2- Avoid Special Character, Number, Hyphen etc

avoid using special character - domain name
avoid using any kind of special character in domain name

In my opinion, you should not use, any special character, number and or hyphen in your domain name. It can make it difficult to remember and write the name. And if someone wants to visit your website but forgot to type the special character in the browser then will land up somewhere else.

Normally, there is a chance people do not remember the special character or hyphen of your website URL.

3- Select Top-Level or Country Level Domain

top level domain
Use top level domain

There are so many domain extensions are available. But my first preference is always the .com domain. Why? Because it is a most established extension and people remember it very easily.

For example my this website –, it is very easy to remember. And it look likes a trusted name.

My next preferences are .org, .net, etc. You should give priority to the TOP level domain.

If you have have your audience from any specific country then you may go for the country-specific domain name. For example, if I have my target audience from India, then I would prefer to choose .in extension.

4- Use a Keyword Related to Your Business or Product

Keyword in domain name
use SEO word in domain name

If possible, you should use a keyword or related word in your domain name. For example, if your website is about insurance then you may choose your site name including the word insurance.

If you have this kind of name which is the combination of keyword and another common word then the name itself will explain your business nature.

However, it may not be ideal for every kind of website. It will totally depends on your nature of business or blogs.

5- Easy to Type

easy to type domain name
Domain name should be easy to type

Your domain name should be so easy. So that anyone can type it very easily. If it is complicated then the visitor may do some mistake to type your website name in the browser and they will land on another website.

In this way, you may lose your visitor and your brand value. So, try to make it as simple as possible.

6- Easy to Listen

easy to listen domain name
domain name should be easy to listen

Sometimes, we don’t care about it but it is very important that your domain name is very easy to listen to. For this you can do a listening test in two ways:

Verbal Testing: in this case, you can tell your domain name verbally to some people and if they understand it in a single or two shots then it will be good for you. But if not, you should avoid the name.

Telephonic Testing: you can do a telephonic test. You call may call some people and tell them your site name. If maximum people understand it easily in one or two shots, then it is ok for you. But if you find, site name is tough to sound then you should avoid the name.

7- Use of Common and Good Words

I will suggest, you should use a common word or combination of it. Because if you will use common words, people will catch the name of your site very easily. For example of my site algowords.

It is a combination of algo and words. And these two words are very common. That’s why algowords is very easy to remember and pronounce.

8- Check Domain History if Buying Old Domain

history of domain name
Check domain history if buying old domain

If you want to buy an existing domain name, then choose it very carefully. Buying an old domain may be beneficial in some ways but if you do not buy the right domain then it may hurt your reputation and business.

Whenever you buy an existing domain, please check its history. If you find any inappropriate background of the site then avoid it. Try to select the name which was related to your field and check it is not spammed domain.


Finding the right domain name may take some time but it is very important. It is about your venture. Either it is a blog, a normal site, or any business, you should give some time while buying the final domain.

A wrong domain may impact your brand value and long-term business. Choose a name as best as possible.