How to Check Your CIBIL Score Online for Free Online?

check your cibil score process
Process to Check CIBIL

Hello guys, today in this article, I will explain how you can check your CIBIL score. This is an important factor and you should always try to maintain a high score. The idea to write this article on how to check your CIBIL score came to my mind a few days back.

Actually, I went to meet my friend and he was wondering about his credit score. A few days back he applied for a credit card but the bank denied it and rejected his application because of his low CIBIL score. But he was curious to know what is it and how he can check it.

I told him that “you can check your CIBIL score online for free”. He was surprised and said that “I was expecting that only banks can do that”. But yes it is true, you can check your score for free within a few minutes.

Guys this is an important factor and indicator of your credit worthiness and whenever you apply for a loan or credit card, your lender must check your CIBIL score. Your score may range between 300 to 900 and it is based on your credit and repayment history. You should try to maintain as high as you can. Now let’s see how you can check your CIBIL score online.

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Steps to Check CIBIL Score

First, open the official website of CIBIL.COM. To open this website you can also search in google and you will see the website at the top of the search result page. You click on the website and open it on your mobile or laptop.

Now click on GET FREE CIBIL SCORE & REPORT. As you can see in the below image. When you will open the CIBIL website, it will be visible on the front page.

check your cibil score online
CBIL Website

Now you will be redirected to a page where you need to enter some details and create your account. To create your account, enter your personal information like:

  • Email Address
  • Create Password
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • ID Type (Select from the drop-down like Pan Card Number, Passport Number, Driving License Number, Ration Car Number, Voter ID Number, etc)
  • Enter ID number
  • Date of Birth
  • Pincode
  • Mobile Number

After entering the required details on the page, click on Accept & Continue.

check your cibil score free
Enter Details

After clicking on Accept & Continue, you will get a one-time password (OTP) on your mobile number. Now enter the OTP on the page and click on Continue. If you don’t get your OTP instantly in a few seconds, you can click on resend OTP also. Now you will have some questions like:

  • Do You Want to Pair the Device?

If you are using your own or trusted device to check your CIBIL score, you may select YES. But if you are using any public device, you should select NO. After selecting your option, click on continue. After completing the above process, your account will be created and you will have a message on the screen – You Have Successfully Enrolled.

Now you need to click on GO TO DASHBOARD. And you will be logged in to your page and your current CIBIL score would be mentioned on the page including some other details. If you look at the left side, you will have some information tabs like:

  • Personal Information
  • Contact Information
  • Employment Information
  • Account Information
  • Enquiry Information

You can click on those tabs and review your details. If you want to download your credit report, you can click on Print Report and download it. You can check your CIBIL score for free on the CIBIL.COM site but you have some limitations on free versions. You can check its paid versions also and if you find it needful, you can go for the premium version also.

Why You Should Check Your CIBIL Score?

Guys, you should know what is going on with your Credit score. Maybe you have taken some loans and credit cards. Or maybe you are planning to avail of some loans or credit cards in the future. If you check your CIBIL score from time to time, you would be aware of it and you would understand it better.

After checking it in detail, you may get some scope to improve it. Mostly every lender checks it before providing loans or credit cards. If a borrower has a very low score, the chances of defaulting will be high, and if the CIBIL score is high chance of defaulting is low. If you have a high score, it indicates that you mostly pay your loans and card bills on time and have a good payment history.

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