How to Check PHP Memory Limit From WordPress Dashboard?

Check PHP Memory Limit From WordPress
Check PHP Memory

In this article, I am writing about how to check PHP memory limit from the WordPress dashboard. You may need to check your PHP memory limit in certain cases.

Maybe you get a PHP Memory limit exhausted error. In that case, you need to change your PHP memory limit. But first, you need to know what is current PHP memory limit.

Because it is important that you know your current PHP memory limit to increase it up to your allocated amount. You can check the current limit from your dashboard and cPanel as well.

You can check it from your WordPress dashboard very easily. You can check it from your Site Health Status. But you can check it from this option if you are running WordPress version 5.2 or above.

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Check PHP Memory Limit from WordPress Dashboard

To check PHP memory limit, you just log in to your WordPress dashboard. You have a Site Health Status on your dashboard. If it is not available on the main dashboard. You just need to click on Tools, which is on the left sidebar menu.

Now below the Tools, you will have the Site Health Status option along with other options. You just click on Site Health Status.

Site Health Info
Site health

Now, it will redirect you to Site Health Page. You will have two options on this page. As you can see in the above example image.

  • Status
  • Info

Just click on info and you will have Site Health Info details. Here you will have multiple Tabs like WordPress, Directories and Sizes, and others including Server. You need to click on Server.

Check PHP memory limit
PHP memory Limit

When you will click on the Server, you will have the PHP memory limit along with other details. As you can see in the above example image the PHP memory limit is showing 768M.

Your current PHP memory limit may be different. The total PHP memory limit will depend on your hosting providers. You can increase your PHP memory limit up to the memory allocated by your hosting providers.


  • Login to your dashboard to check PHP memory limit.
  • Click on Tools on the left sidebar menu.
  • Site Health option will appear.
  • Click on Site Health.
  • Redirected to Site Health Page.
  • Click on Info.
  • Click on Server
  • View PHP memory limit.

In this way, you can check PHP memory limit from the WordPress dashboard.

What is the PHP memory limit? PHP memory limit is basically the amount of memory allocated by your server. This is required for running PHP codes and scripts. You can decrease or increase your PHP memory limit maximum up to the limit allocated by your hosting provider.

You can change your memory limit. Suppose, your host provider has allocated a PHP memory limit of 768M. But your current limit is set as 256M. In that case, you can increase and change it up to the maximum.

In case you want to go beyond that limit, then you may upgrade to your hosting plan. Each hosting plan provides a specific PHP memory limit. And if it is not sufficient for you then you may need to upgrade your hosting plan.


I hope, this article was knowledgeful for you. This was an easy option to check PHP memory limit of your site. You can also view many details from your site’s health info page. WordPress is very well-developed software.

It has so many features and functions that you can utilize. If you are running a site on WordPress, you may need to know the PHP memory limit. In that case, the above method may help you.

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