How to Change Your Gmail Password on Mobile & Laptop?

change your gmail password
Steps to change your gmail password

Whenever you observe any suspicious activity in your account, you must change your Gmail password. You should always make sure that you are the only person who is using your personal Gmail account. It is always advisable to have a strong password and use secure internet to access your Gmail account.

If your password is compromised or stolen, it may be a problematic situation. In some cases, Google also may send some alerts to change your password. In that case, you should take the necessary steps and change your Gmail password.

From time to time, you should review your Google account and should make sure your account is safe and you don’t have any problems. I would also recommend that you should enable Two Factor Authentication in your account. It will add an extra security layer and would be good for security.

In this article, I will explain the complete process to change your Gmail password. You can do it on your mobile and PC easily. So, let’s go through the steps.

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Steps to Change Your Gmail Password

Whether you want to change your Gmail password on mobile or computer, the complete process is very simple and you can do it quickly. And the process to change your Gmail password on both devices is almost the same.

First of all, open your Gmail account on your device and login into it. Now click on your profile picture which is in the top right corner. After that click on Manage Your Google Account.

change your Gmail password process
Gmail Password – Security.

After clicking on Manage Your Google Account, you will be redirected to the page where you will have multiple options like – Home, Personal Info, Data and Privacy, Security, People, and Sharing, Payment and Subscription, Etc.

To process it further, you click on Security. Now scroll down your page and click on Password. And enter your current password to verify

change your Gmail password on pc
Change Password – Gmail Account

Now you will have the page where there would two boxes. First, enter a New Password and Second, Confirm the new password. Now enter a new password in the first box and again enter the same password in the second box to confirm.

After entering the Confirm the new password, you click on Change Password. After completing the process, your password will be changed and a message will appear on your screen.

Make sure that you are creating a strong Gmail password. Use at lead 8 characters and avoid using passwords of another site. And avoid using passwords that anyone can crack easily. You should never use passwords like 123456789, your mobile number, Password, Iloveyou, imissyou, etc when your change your Gmail password.


Gmail is one of the safest platforms that I know. Google always tries to keep you safe and takes so many necessary steps to make it possible. Whenever you log in to your Gmail account from any other device, it sends an alert also. However, you should also make sure that you also take the necessary steps to keep your Gmail account safe.

Might be you are using your Gmail account for personal purposes or professional purposes. Whenever you get anything suspicious or alert from Google, you should change your Gmail password. And as I above said, you should also activate Two-factor Authentication.

In that case, there would be the requirement of an extra code to log in to your Gmail account. Guys, I hope you like the article, and would be helpful to change your Gmail password.

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