How to Change Admin Email Address in WordPress? A Guide

change admin email address in WordPress d
Change admin email

There might be multiple reasons to change admin email address in WordPress. Email address in your WordPress website is a very important part. And you should always have the correct email id.

You get notifications and important information from WordPress, plugins, etc. And you should not miss that information. Because some of them might be really very important and crucial for your website.

Normally, you should have the email id, which you normally use on regular basis. So that you don’t miss any important information. Apart from this, an email id is also important to reset your password in WordPress. There is much other importance also.

There might be some of the following reasons that you want to change the admin email address in WordPress.

  • Initially, you entered a personal email id like Yahoo or Gmail, and now you want to add a professional business email address.
  • You are not using your current email address on regular basis, and you want to update what you use regularly.
  • You want to change the default admin email id because you added it randomly at the time of installing WordPress.

Like the above, there may be some other reasons also. In this article, I am writing about how you can change the admin email address in WordPress from the dashboard. However, there are other ways also to change the email address in WordPress

So without further delay, let’s understand how you can do that.

Steps to Change Admin Email Address in WordPress

First of all login into your WordPress dashboard and go to the settings area. Hover or click on the settings option which is on the left side of the dashboard. After that click on General settings.

change admin email address in wordpress site
Change Administration Email Address in WordPress Website

There is an Administration Email Address option on the general settings page. Now you need to enter a new email address that you want to update.

Save email address
Save changes you do

After entering the email address, you need to click on the Save Changes button. But the complete process is not done yet. After saving the changes, you will get a verification email on your new email id which you updated.

You need to log in to your email and verify the same. In this way, you can change the admin email address in WordPress.


Changing the admin email address is very easy. You can do it through the plugin also. But normally, I do not recommend that you use so many plugins. If something is possible easily without a plugin then you should avoid it, in my opinion.

You can also change the admin email address through Cpanel also. However, be careful while changing through and you should always take the backup of your website. So, in case, you get some problems with your site, you can restore your site.

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