How to Blog: Step by Step Guide to Create a Blog on WordPress

How to blog

A few years ago I didn’t know anything about blogging. Even my thought was that only rich people do blogging. But one day I read a blog about “How to Blog”. When I was reading the last paragraph, suddenly I felt… “Yes this is awesome and I can do blogging”. After that day I explored many things and learn a lot.

In my opinion, blogging is a very good option. It has so much flexibility. You can do it part-time and full-time both. In this field, you can learn and earn a lot. Most importantly, continuous learning and improvement is very important in this field.


I will cover “How to Blog” in following steps:

Phase 1

Why You Want to Start a Blog: First of all, you should know and be clear why you want to start the blog? Do you want to earn handsome money or you want to share your ideas and knowledge with the world?

If you want to blog for money then be prepared for the future. Because maybe you don’t earn any money for a few months. Earning money from blogging takes some time. So, don’t quit your current career till the time you do not start earning good money from blogging.

Selection of Blog Niche: Finalize a topic on which you want to write a blog. Before you start a blog, you must know the Blogging niche. Who will be your audience? what will be your contents?

You should pick a topic which you like the most. Because if you like the topic then you can express your thought well and write good blog posts.

Blogging Platform: After finalizing your niche, decide which platform you want to use for your blog. There are WordPress, Blogger and other platforms available for blogging. If you are looking blogging as a long terms career then you should choose a self-hosted platform like – WordPress.

I am also using WordPress as my blogging platform. Here I get more flexibility and control over my blog. However, it is my personal opinion. You can explore and use other options also.

Domain Name: Now you need to purchase a domain name. It very important part. This is the name by which the world will know your blog. In other words, I can say it will be your online blog/website name.

You can purchase your domain separately and with your hosting service also. Some hosting service providers may offer you a free domain for the first year. Keep the domain name simple and easy to read.

So, that people can read and remember it easily. It should be easy for pronunciation also.

Selection of Hosting: For blogging, you need a hosting. You can say, you need a server, where your data and contents will be stored. In the beaning, you can buy shared hosting. You can have SiteGround, Bluehost, or any other web hosting service as per your choice.

Before you purchase a hosting service, you should check its reviews, features and benefits, security and performance, etc.

Phase 2

Setup WordPress: After buying your hosting plan, install WordPress, and do registration. Be careful and put correct details while registering your details on WordPress. Generate your user Id and Password. After that, you can log in and view your portal.

Add a Theme and Design Your Blog: Now you add a WordPress theme and design your blog. There are many free and paid themes are available. In the beginning phase, you can start with a free theme. Later, you can buy a paid theme.

I am using a Newspaper theme (Premium Theme) for one of my blogs. It gives me good design options and flexibility.

You should good use a good theme. So that you can design your blog very well. If the design is good then your visitor will like it.

Create Important Pages: If you have any blog or website, then you must have some important pages. You should create Following pages:

About Us, Contact Page, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, etc

Add Important Plugins: Install and activate some important WordPress plugins. There are many plugins are available in the WordPress directory. You should download an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO or Rank Math and some other basics plugins. Download and activate cache and security plugins.

Write Your First Post: After all the above steps, your blog is ready. Now start writing your first post. First, click on the post and then click on add new. Give your best to write your post. Add some image and or info-graphics to make your post beautiful and more relevant.

Keep in mind that someone will read it. You are not the only person who is going to read your post. It should your best one.

Optimize Your Blog Post: After writing the post, you should optimize it. Proofread it and remove errors if there are any mistakes. Check all the parameters of your SEO plugins and make sure that your content is optimized very well.

Phase 3

Share Your Blog Post and Drive Traffic: Your work is not done yet. After writing and optimizing the content, it must reach to the readers. Promote your blog and share your content on social media, share it with your friends and family.

Let’s world know about your blog. Submit it on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc.

Write posts on a regular basis and drive traffic. Do off-page SEO and create some good quality Backlinks.

Monetization: After a few months, you can start monetizing it. However, it may take time. You should have good and enough content. You can earn money by advertisement and affiliate program.

Here are following ways to monetize your blog: Google Adsense,, and Affiliate marketing etc

You can also write and sell your own E-Books to earn money. You can create some online courses also.


Whenever you start any blog or website, do it with full passion and interest. For success, learning and improvement is very important. The digital marketing field is very dynamic and you have to be updated from the environment.

Writing quality content should be your primary objective. If your blog is successful, then the money is by-products. Time to time get some feedback from your audience. So, that you can do improve accordingly.