How to Avoid Procrastination in Life – 8 Important Tips

How avoid procrastination b
How avoid procrastination b

Procrastination is a common problem. And most people face it at some point of time in life. If you are also facing the same problem, this article may help you to avoid procrastination. Sometimes, it may be tough to avoid it. But if you decide with a strong desire and follow some habits, you can definitely do it.

If you postpone your work, assignment, and other things, again and again, it may not be good for you. You may face some of the following problems:

  • Unnecessary delay in the completion of your Writing/Work/Assignment/Projects.
  • Laziness
  • Frustration and Anxiety
  • Disturbed lifestyle
  • Stress
  • Feel Exhausted
  • Unwanted Pressure

You must avoid procrastination in your life. Because procrastination may impact you and your work a lot. In this article, I am discussing 8 tips that may help you to stay away from procrastination.

1- Know Your Distractions to Avoid Procrastination

If you think and analyze your day, you can find out the reasons for your procrastination. First of all, you have to identify all those factors that distract you. You have to identify the reasons that make you postpone your work.

I guess you know about your task and goals. You know how to do it. You have the resources. But still some time or regularly postponing your work because some habits or reasons.

Make a list of all the distractions like:

  • Watching TV.
  • Spending many hours on social media.
  • Watching Movies and Series.
  • Spending a lot of time with friends and other people.
  • Sit idle and do nothing.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Do later attitude
  • Excuses

This list may be so long. But the main point is, you should identify your own distraction points. What are those factors which are stopping you to do your work on time?

Nothing is bad about watching TV or spending time on social media. But it should be balanced and for a limited period of time. It shouldn’t impact your work and other important things.

If you know your distraction, it will be easy to eliminate it. It is not so easy but if you have a strong desire, you can do everything.

Don’t try to eliminate all the distractions in one shot, it might be difficult and may not work for some people. Do a self-analysis and prepare a list of all your distraction. And try to remove them one by one.

In this way, after some time, you would be a new person who can manage without being disturbed by unnecessary distractions.

2- Make a List of Your Goals

I assume that you know your daily tasks and goals. If not, you should know and make a list of your goals. If you know your goals and you know your action toward your goals, it will help you to be in a working direction.

But in case, if you don’t know your daily task or goals, you would not be able to utilize your time properly and effectively.

You should know, what you want to do the next day. Avoid all distractions and prefer to complete your preplanned tasks every day.

It might not be so easy if you are already facing the problem of procrastination. But it is also not tough. If you have a burning desire for your work, you can avoid it.

3- Follow a Proper Daily Routine and Healthy Diets

Sometimes, we postpone our work because we don’t feel energetic. There might be any reasons for feeling low. But if you maintain some good habits, you can maintain your energy level and positive mood. Here are some points which you can consider:

  • Wake up early in the morning.
  • Sleep Early at night.
  • Eat healthy diets.
  • Drinks sufficient water.
  • Do some exercise and do yoga.
  • Take healthy sleep.
  • Be happy and positive.
  • Have a day plan.

Having a proper daily routine will help you a lot. It will also help you to be disciplined in your daily life and work as well. A proper daily routine and healthy diet may help you to be energetic and complete your task.

4- Have Some Small Goals every day and Achieve them

A habit of achieving the task may boost you a lot in your daily life. You can set some small tasks for yourself every day. And you should have all these tasks very realistic and small. So that you can achieve it without so many difficulties.

Here are some examples of some tasks:

  • Reading 1 page every day for one week.
  • Not using social media next 4 hours.
  • Not watch TV next 5 hours.

There can be anything. You can set your target according to your choice. And try to complete it every day. After a few days, you will feel like, an “I can do it” attitude.

5- Make Your Surroundings Positive and Happy

Your environment plays a vital role in doing anything. Make your environment positive and happy. If your surrounding is good, they will have a positive impact on your mood.

And your mood impacts a lot on your work. If you are not feeling good while working, maybe you postpone your work. But if you have a good and positive mood, you may stick to your work.

6- Break Your Big Tasks into Some Small Tasks

Fear of “big tasks” and “fear of failure” may be the most common reasons for your procrastination. The easy solution is, to break your big goal into some small goals.

It will be easy to achieve small goals, comparatively one big goal. Break your big task into some small tasks and have a deadline for them.

In this way, you can stick to your task and achieve it easily.

7- Do Meditation Practice to Avoid Procrastination

Doing meditation practice every day is one of the best ways to improve focus and avoid procrastination. You can do meditation every day in the early morning.

It is not necessary that you do it for one or two hours. You can start it with 5 minutes every day. Slowly and gradually, you can increase your timing up to 20 minutes or 30 minutes or more.

Meditation practice may play a big role in your day-to-day life and your work.

8- Find Your Motivation Factors

This is my favorite point. You must know your motivation factor. What motivates you? Is it money, fame, recognition, or something else?

If you know your motivational factor, it will help you to stick to your goals. It will create a desire from the inside of you to do the tasks and achieve them on time.


Take some small challenges every day and try to achieve them. After a few days of timing, you will feel a lot of positive changes in yourself. Make a balance in your work and life.

Distractions like watching TV, social media, etc are not bad But excess of anything is bad. Apart from work, do all other activities, but consider that it doesn’t impact your work negatively.

I hope this article was helpful for you to avoid procrastination.

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