How to Add Widgets to the Footer in WordPress?

How add widgets in the footer
Widgets to the Footer

If you don’t have any idea about how you can add widgets to the footer in WordPress, this article may be helpful. Widgets are an important factor in WordPres. You can use and do value addition to your site.

You have some default widgets on your WordPress site. And you may have some widgets from your theme also.

All widgets have different functions and use. You can add widgets on your site to show extra information and for value addition.

The main content is important, but widgets may also play an important role along with the main content.

Let’s understand how you can add widgets to the footer area in WordPress. Process and steps are simple.

Add Widgets to The Footer Area

You just need to log in to your WordPress dashboard and hover or click on appearance. You will have the option of Widgets, now click on it.

When you will click on widgets, you will be redirected to the Widgets page.


Here you will have all your widgets. Total numbers and types of widgets may also depend on your theme. Because some widgets are by default but you have from your theme provider also.

On this page, you will have different widgets areas also. This may also depend on your theme. As you can have a look at the below example image.

Add widgets to the footer in WordPress
Widgets Area

In my case, there are 4 Footer Widgets Areas and 2 Footer Bar Section. One Header and main sidebar.

Now suppose you want to add a category widget to the footer area. You just need to select the Category widget. You can just drag and drop the widget to the footer area location.

Add widgets
Add widgets to location

Or you click on the drop-down arrow of the category widget and select a particular footer widget area. After selecting the location, you need to click on Add Widget. As you can see from the above image.

Widget setting
Widget settings

Now it is time to do the setting of your widget, which you have added to the footer area. Click on the drop-down arrow of the Footer widget area.

Some setting options will open. You just need to do all the settings of your widget. When you finish and save the setting, click on Done.

In this way, you can add widgets to the footer area.


  • Login to WordPress dashboard of your site.
  • Hover or click on Appearance.
  • Click on Widgets.
  • Select particular widgets which you want to add to the footer.
  • Click on drop-down arrow of the widget and select footer widget area.
  • Click on Add Widget.
  • Or you can also drag and drop widget.
  • Do all the setting of the widget and save.
  • Click on Done.

You can also add widgets to the footer in WordPress through your customize option. For this go to Appearance>Customize>Widgets.


Footer is a very important part of your website. You can use widgets and organize your footer well. You can display some important things on your footer through widgets.

Adding widgets in the footer is very easy. Mainly I have discussed only one method in detail. But you can add widgets to the footer through Customize option as well.

You can also enable and remove your widgets. If you don’t want to lose the settings while removing the widget, you can move it to the inactive widgets area.

Whenever you want to use it again, you can add it again with the same setting. I hope you liked this article.

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