How to Add Table of Contents in WordPress? With Plugin

Table of Contents in WordPress
Use of Table of Contents in WordPress

Adding a Table of contents in WordPress is one of the best ways to show your post or page in an organized manner. If you are writing long content on your site, it is very useful. A Table of content normally helps us in the following ways:

  • It helps users to know what is on your page.
  • Table of Contents keeps your content organized on the Page.
  • It helps users to navigate easily on a particular heading or topic.
  • It is also useful from an SEO point of view.

If you know the coding, you can add a table of contents in WordPress through coding. If you don’t know codings, then you can add through the plugin also.

In this blog post, I am writing about how to add a table of contents with the plugin. It will automatically, generate a table of contents on your site. There are many plugins. But I have chosen, Easy Table of Contents Plugin in this post to explain.

However, you can choose plugin as per your choice and which is best suitable for you.

Add Table of Contents in WordPress?

You just need to log in to your WordPress dashboard. Go to the plugin section and click on Add New. Now type “Easy Table of Contents” in the search bar and search for it. After it, this plugin will appear on the screen along with some other plugins.

How to Install WordPress Plugin? Step by Step Guide

You just click on install and activate the plugin. Now it is time to do setting of the plugin.

Add Easy Table of Contents in WordPress
Install and Activate Table of Contents Plugin

When you will click on the setting of the plugin, the settings options of the plugin will appear on the page.

As you can see, I have selected Posts and Pages in Enable Support, Auto Insert options. However, you can do all your settings as per your choice.

Settings Table of Contents
Settings of Table of Content Plugin

You can select the position of the Table of Contents. As I have set it as the Before first heading (Default) option. You can choose the position from the drop-down menu and you can set the TOC position where you want.

Normally, a table of contents should display in long content, however, you can set it for each. I have set it to show TOC when there are 4 headings in the post. You can choose another option also.

Name table of contents
Header label and other Settings

You can mention your header label in the box as shown in the above image. You can set is like Content, Table of Contents, Page Content, etc.

If you want to show hierarchy, you can set it. There are many options that you can set in this plugin. You do all the setting which you want in this plugin. The whole process is easy and convenient and you can do it very easily.

Summary of Adding table of Contents in WordPress

  • Go to Plugin Section in WordPress.
  • Click On Add New.
  • Search the Plugin “Easy table of Content”.
  • Install and Activate the Plugin.
  • Click on the Setting option of this particular plugin.
  • Do all the settings which you want.
  • Save the settings.


Adding a table of contents in WordPress is the most useful tool to show your content to your visitor in an organized way. Especially, it is very useful when your content is long. If you are writing content like 300 to 500 Word counts, it is not as useful as for lengthy content.

However, you should have a table of contents on your site. The main thing is your visitors. If your visitor is happy with it, it is good. By table of content, you visitor can have an idea of what are they going to read. They can switch to the topic if they want.

If a visitor wants to read a particular topic, can switch on it by TOC. There is no need to read or go through complete content to reach a particular topic.

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