How to Add a Table in WordPress Post? Simple Guide

Add Table in WordPress
Add Table in WordPress Post or Page

In this blog post, I have written about how to add a table in WordPress. In this method, I am explaining to add a table without using any plugin. This is an easy and quick method and you can apply it smoothly.

Sometimes you may need to add tables to your WordPress site. That’s why you should be aware of the process to add a table in WordPress.

Let’s suppose I want to create a mark sheet for a student, in this case, I may need to create a table. Which I can create in WordPress easily. There may be many kinds of requirements to add tables.

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So. let’s start the process add a table in WordPress.

Add a Table in WordPress

First of all login into your WordPress dashboard. Suppose you want to add a table in WordPress posts. I assume that you are on the post editor page.

Now put your cursor where you want to add the table and click on the plus (+) button. After it, a popup window will appear on the screen. Here you will notice multiple blocks. You can add table blocks from this area.

Add table in WordPress Post
Click on the Plus button to Add a table

Might be a table is not visible to you in the popup window. In this case, you can click on Browse all button. And your table will be visible along with other blocks.

You can also use the search option. You need to write the table in the search section of the popup window and a table block will be visible. As you can see from the below image.

Search Table
Search table to add it

To create a table just click on the table block. After it, a table section will open where you can select your column and rows. As you can see from the below image.

You just select the number of columns and rows you want. After that click on the Create Table button.

Setting of Column and Row
Column and Row in a table

When you will click on the Create table button, your table will be created. Now you can do the setting of your table. You just click on the Post at the top in the right-hand sidebar.

Now you will notice the Styles option.

There are two styles. The first option is Default and the second option is Stripes. You can set the option which you like for your table.

Table structue
Table Structure

There is a Table Settings option below the styles. Here you can see three options:

  • Fixed with Table Cells
  • Header Section
  • Footer Section

You can utilize the setting option which you want. You just need to click on the button to add the setting.

You can also do the color setting from the Color Settings option which is below the Table Setting option.

Table Settings
Edit table and settings

If you put the cursor in any cell of your table, a new settings area will appear. From here you can do multiple settings to your table. You can edit your table. There are the following options available in the edit table option:

  • Insert row before
  • Insert row after
  • Delete row
  • Insert column before
  • insert column after
  • Delete column

You can edit your table by selecting the option from the above option. Suppose you want to add a row before, just put the cursor where you want to add the row. Click on the edit table option and click on add row before.

There are many other setting options that you can use as per your requirements.

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Normally, we need to add a table in WordPress to share data and charts. You can add a table in WordPress without any coding knowledge. As I explained above, you can add the table through the table blocks.

I have tried my best to explain it to you in a simple way. I hope this blog post is useful for you and after reading this you would be able to add a table in WordPress easily.

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