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Reading time to WordPress

When I open a blog and see that the reading time of an article is not very lengthy, normally it encourages me to read that article. I thought you should also know the process to add reading time to WordPress.

After reading this article, you would be able to know the following:

  • What is reading time:
  • What are the importance of adding estimated reading time to your blog?
  • How to add reading time to WordPress?

Reading time of an article is basically an estimated time that will take to read the particular article or content. For example, when you will open Search Engine General or Medium, you will notice an estimated time is showing in their articles.

There are multiple benefits when you add an estimated time to your content.

  • It encourage your visitors to read your article.
  • Boost your engagement.
  • It reduce the bounce rate on your site.
  • It improve all over spend time on your site.
  • Directly or indirectly, it also improve your ranking. Because if the engagement of the visitors on your artice is good then it is good signal for search engine like Google.

You can add reading time to the WordPress site in multiple ways. If you have coding knowledge, then you can add reading time through codes.

Here are some articles on plugins:

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And if you are not tech-savvy and want an easy way then you can add it with a plugin. there are multiple plugins to add reading time to WordPress.

In this article, I am explaining the process to add reading time to WordPress using the Read Meter Plugin. This plugin is developed by Brainstorm force.

Steps to Add Reading Time to WordPress

Login to your WordPress dashboard and install Read Meter – Reading Time & Progress bar Plugin. After that activate the plugin and go to the settings section.

Click on Read meter and you will be redirected to the settings page of the Read meter plugin.

Read meter - add reading time to wordpress
Read Meter Plugin

You will have four setting options on the page.

  • General Settings
  • Read Time
  • Prgress Bar
  • Getting Started
General settings - read meter
General settings – Read Meter Plugin

The first option is General Settings. Under this tab first, you need to select the Post types. If you want to show the reading time on the articles only, then you should select – Posts.

Apart from posts, you have two more options to tick and you can select as per your need. Next to the post types, you have the option of Word Per Minute.

By default, it is set as 275. Basically, it is the estimated per minute reading time. You can adjust it also. There are options to include Comments and Images. If you want to include them you can simply tick them.

After the general settings, there is Read Time setting area. Just click on the tab and do the settings as per your requirement.

Read time settings
Read Time Settings – Read Meter Plugin

There are the following settings on this page:

  • Show Estimated Read Time On: You can keep it as default as “Single Post”
  • Read Time Position: Here you need to set the position of the read time. You have the option of Above the Content, Above the post title, Below the post title, and None. You can select what you find better for your site.
  • Reading Time Prefix: It is the text which will dislay before the reading time.
  • Reading Time Postfix
  • Font Size
  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Background Color
  • Text Color
Read time settings 1
Read Time Settings

Do all the other settings like margin, padding, background color, text color, etc as per your choice.

A Progress Bar is the third setting section on the page. Here you can set a status bar to display on the page. You have two display positions:

  • Top of the Page
  • Bottom of the Page

You can set it what is best suitable for you. There are options to set color and bar thickness also.

Progress bar add reading time to wordpress
Progress bar

Kindly don’t forget to save all the pages after doing the settings. Adding estimated time in your WordPress is beneficial. However, it is your choice to add it or not.

I would recommend avoiding adding Reading time if have your articles are very lengthy. For example, if you have an article that will take time of 20 minutes or 30 minutes of reading time, you should avoid adding an estimated reading time. However, it is up to you.


Display of reading time gives an advantage to the visitors. They have an idea that how much time a particular article is going to take to read.

In this article, I have discussed the Read Meter plugin but there are some other plugins also that you can use. WP Time to Read, Swift, Etc are some alternatives.

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