How to Add New Users to the WordPress Website?

Add new users to the WordPress Site o
Add New Users

If you want to know how to add new users to the WordPress website, you are reading the right article. Adding users is easy and you can add new users within a few steps.

You can add new users manually in WordPress and through plugins as well. In this article, I am discussing only the manual method.

Steps to Add New Users to The WordPress

First of all, log in to the WordPress dashboard of your website to Add users. You just click or hover on Users on the left sidebar menu. After it, you will have the option of All Users, Add New, and Profile.

You click on Add New.

Add new users to the WordPress
Users>Add New

After it, you will be redirected to Add New User page. Here you need to fill following details.

  • User Name
  • Email Id
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Website
New Users Details
Add New Users Details

User name and email id are mandatory. First Name, Last Name, and Website details are optional to fill in.

After filing the details, you also need to create a password. You can write a new password or you can also use an auto-generated password on the page.

There is an option for Send User Notification. If you don’t want that user to get notifications then you can Untick it.

Maybe, you allow multiple users to work on your website. But you don’t want to give permission to all of them. each or some users may have different tasks and roles.

So, in that case, you can assign a role when you add new users to the WordPress site.

In WordPress, you can add one of the following roles for your users.

New Users Role in WordPress
User Role
  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber

It is up to you, which role you assign to your users. Most powerful user and have maximum authority. You should assign roles to your users very carefully.

After completing the details, you just click on Add New User. In this way, you can add new users to the WordPress site.


  • Login to Your WordPress.
  • Click on Users. Or Hover on it.
  • Click on Add New.
  • Fill required Details.
  • Write a password or Generate it.
  • Assign Role.
  • Click on Add New User.

Whenever you add new users to the WordPress website, you need to fill in the details carefully. However, you can manage your users later also. You can add or delete users anytime in WordPress.

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