How to Add Image Caption in WordPress? Do You Know?

Image caption
Caption of Image in WordPress

If you want to know how to add an image caption in WordPress, then this article may be helpful for you. When you read any post, you might have noticed some text below the images in the post.

Basically, some text below the image is the caption. The caption is basically one or two-line about the image. Or you can say it is a short brief of the image.

So let’s start to know to add an image caption.

How to Add Image Caption in WordPress?

First of all, you log in to your WordPress dashboard. If you want to create a new post then click on Add new post. And if you want to add a caption to an old post, click on the edit button.

After that, you need to click on Add block (+ Sign). Now there will be a popup window. In this window click on the image.

Add Image in WordPress
Add New Image

When you will click on the image a new popup will appear like below. I assume that you have already uploaded your images to the media library.

Now click on media library on the popup window to add the image. When you will click on the media library, you will be redirected to the media library page.

Add Image Caption
Upload an image, pick from media or add an image link

Now you just click on the image for which you want to add a caption. When you click on the image a new popup window will open, where there will be the option of the caption on the right side.

You just need to fill in the caption. You should also fill in other details like Alternative text and title etc.

Image Caption in WordPress
Add image caption in the Caption box

After filling in the caption and other detail, you need to click on select. Now your image will be added with a caption. This is the one method to add an image caption in WordPress

There is another method also to add an image caption in WordPress. You just open your post and edit it. Upload your image from your computer and add the image to the post.

Caption below the Image
Image caption below the image

You will notice a blank space below the image in the post editor. This is your image caption space. Fill in your caption details in this blank area. For example, you can view the above image.


The image caption is very important for the readers. Normally your readers will view the text below the images in your posts and or pages. So you should be alert about it.

You should mention the caption in each image. Your caption should be about the image. So that readers can understand the images from the text also.

If you want to add an image caption in WordPress, it is a very quick and easy process. You can add an image caption while creating a new post or page. You can also do it while editing a post or page.

Even you can do it from the Media library also. Canva is one of the best tools to create new images.

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