How to Add Favicon in WordPress? Step by Step Guide

Add favicon in WordPress
Add Site Icon

Whenever you open a website, you see a small image along with a URL in the browser tab. This small image is Favicon. It is also called a site icon. In this article, I am writing, how you can add favicon in WordPress.

Some people ignore adding site icons. However, ideally, you should add a site icon to your site. It is an important part of the branding of your website. It helps to establish your brand identity in the user’s mind.

Steps to Add Favicon in WordPress

You need to log in to your WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance. You will have the option of Customize.

Favicon in WordPress
Appearance>Customize>Site Identity

Now, you need to click on Customize. After it, you are redirected to the website customization page. here you will have multiple options along with the header.

You just click on the header, and the site identity option will appear. Maybe, you have a Site identity option directly also. In that case, there is no need to click on the header.

Site identity
Header>Site Identity

Now you will have the option of a site icon. You just need to upload the image and click on publish.

Before you start the process to add the favicon to your site, you just need to make your image ready.

Upload image site icon
Site icon

Your site icon image should be square in shape. The ideal height and weight of the image are 512 and 512 pixels.


  • Login to Your dashboard to add favicon in WordPress.
  • Click on Appearance.
  • Click on Customize.
  • Now click on Header.
  • After it click on Site Identity.
  • Select site icon and upload image for favicon.
  • Click on Publish.
  • So this is the way to add favicon in WordPress.

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