How to Add a Private Post in WordPress? Simple Process

Private Page in WordPress
Create a Private Post in WordPress

Do you know that you can add a private post in WordPress? Yes, you can do it. Even you can create private posts and private pages both on the WordPress site. In this article, I will discuss the same.

If you want, the public can not view a particular post on your site, you can also create a private post.

Even, if you want to show the post to some specific persons, you can also create a password-protected post also.

If you have noticed the Status & Visibility option on the post editor page, by default visibility is set as Public. However, you can create and publish your post as

  • Public – Everyone can view.
  • Private – visible only to site Admin and Editors.
  • Password Protected – It can be viewed by those who have the password to access it.

You can select any one option while publishing the post on your site. All three options have their own importance and use. If you select the visibility of your post as private, the post’s visibility will be only to admin and editors.

However, If you create a password-protected post, only those people can access the post who will have the password of the post. Without a password, they can’t access it.

Add a Private Post in WordPress

There are simple steps to create a private post in WordPress. Log in to WordPress dashboard and click on Posts in the left sidebar. After it click on Add New option.

You will be redirected to post editor page. Write your title and content of your post. Do all other required settings of your post.

Private Post in WordPress
Create a Private Post

To publish your post as private, you just click on Post at the right sidebar. And select visibility as Private. By default is set as Public. You just simply click on public and you will have three options. Public, Private, and Password Protected.

You need to select it as private and click on Publish at the top. It will be published as a private post. Now, this post will be visible to only admin and editors only.


  • Login to Your WordPress dashboard to create a private post in WordPress.
  • Click on post at the right sidebar menu.
  • Click on add new post.
  • Write post title and content.
  • Do all other settings before publishing.
  • Click on Post in the right sidebar menu.
  • Click on publish which is the right side of visibility.
  • There will be three options, you select Private.
  • Click on Publish button at the top.

In this way, you can create a private post in WordPress. It is so simple and easy process. It is almost the same as you create a public post in WordPress. You just simply need to select private while publishing the post.


Private ad password-protected options are very good in WordPress. These are very helpful options. Maybe you have some tasks where you may need to create a private post in WordPress.

In that case, you can utilize this feature of WordPress. And you can create a private post in WordPress within few clicks.

You can also create a password-protected post in the same way. You just select visibility as password protected while publishing the post. And you need to create a password for that particular post.

It depends on you that you create a private post or password-protect. Might be you have the different tasks and you can make your choice as per your requirement.

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