How to Add a New Post in WordPress? Step by Step Guide

Add a New Post in WordPress
Add a New Post

If you have started your blog and want to know how to add a new post in WordPress, this blog post will help you. WordPress is a very good CMS for bloggers. And adding a blog post is very easy.

If you don’t have knowledge of coding, don’t worry. You can add a new post in WordPress without coding knowledge. If you are a blogger, you should add blog posts frequently.

Let’s start to learn how to add a new post in WordPress:

How to Add a New Post in WordPress?

First, log in to your WordPress dashboard to add a new post in WordPress. Hover on the Posts option on the left sidebar menu. You will have another option Add New below all posts, just click on it.

After that you be redirected on post editor page.

Add a New Post in WordPress - dashboard
Add New Post

Now you need to write the title in the title section. And below the title, there is a writing section. After writing the title, you just write your content.

Title is basically your main heading of the post. You say it will be your heading 1 (H1).

Title and Writing
Tile and Writing in WordPress

While writing your content, you can save your post by clicking on Save Draft. You can add blocks while creating your post. There are many options which you can make your post attractive and interesting.

Suppose you want to add a list to your content. You just click on the plus button. After that your multiple blocks options. You need to click on the List option to add it.

Like this, you can add images, tables, and many more items. As you view it in the below image.

Add Blocks in WordPress
Adding Blocks while creating a post

When you complete your content, you should not publish it without setting the other available option. Right-hand side there is a Status & Visibility option. If you want to publish it for everyone, select it as public.

if you want that only admin and editors can view the post then select the private option. And you can select Password protected option if want to do it.

Visibility Setting in WordPress
Status & Visibility

You can publish it immediately or can schedule your post. If you want to publish immediately then select the option.

Before you hit the publish button, do all other settings on the page. Select your post category, enter Tags, add featured images, and do all other settings.

categories, tags and Other setting of post
Post Settings

When you complete all the things, you should review your post. Proofreading is very important. You should not publish your post without proofreading. In proofreading, you have the opportunity to correct your mistakes.


  • Login to your WordPress Site.
  • Go to Post>Add New on the left sidebar menu.
  • Write the Title of the blog post.
  • Write your content.
  • Add Blocks.
  • Do all the post settings.
  • Proof Read.
  • Publish your post.

If you don’t want to publish your post and want to add some more content later, you can save it. After finalizing later, you can publish it. You can view the list of your all blog post by clicking on the All Post option on the left sidebar menu.


When you add a new blog post in WordPress, you should add at least one image to your content. If you add more than one image that is better. You should not forget to add tags, categories, and featured images.

If you don’t have an existing category, you can create it on the post editor page also. You just click on the drop-down arrow of categories and click on Add New category. And you create a new category for the post.

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