How to Add a Link in WordPress? Create a HyperLink

Add a Link in WordPress
How to add a Link in WordPress

Do you want to know, how to add a link in WordPress? If yes. This blog may be for you. Because this blog post is all about adding links in WordPress. You can engage visitors by adding internal links.

You might know that internal links and external links are important for SEO purposes. And you can do it by simply adding hyperlinks to your posts or pages.

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So Let’s start:

Steps to Add a Link in WordPress?

Simply log in to the WordPress dashboard of your site. Open your post where you want to add a hyperlink.

Now select the text to which you want to make a hyperlink. You just drag your cursor and highlight the text. As you can see in the below image. Here I have selected a medium to tuned it as a hyperlink.

Add a Link in WordPress Post or Page
High light text and click a link to add a new link

When you will select your text, a link option will appear on the post. You just click on the link icon. You can see the above image for reference.

When you will click on the link icon a new popup window will appear on the post.

Create Hyperlink
Add a Link

Now you just copy the link (which want to link) of the content and paste it into the black section. As shown in the above image for example. After pasting the link click on the submit button at the right of the link.

If you are adding an internal link, then you can just type the title of your other post in the blank box. After that, your post and link will appear in the section and you can also select from here and submit it.

And after doing the process your hyperlink will be added. As you can see in the example image below.

Create Hyperlink

I would like to give you one suggestion here, however, it is up to you to do it or not. If you are adding internal links then let them be open in the same tab.

And if you are adding a link to another site then you should set it as open in a new tab. Because if set it to open in a new tab, your user may be redirected to another site and leave your site.

But if external links will open in a new tab, still user will be on your site because your site is open and the user may do some more activity.

For example, I want to add an external link of Canva, then I will set it as open in a new tab.

In Summary:

  • Login WordPress dashboard.
  • Open Your Post or Page.
  • Highlight the Text Which you want to covert as a hyperlink.
  • Click on Link Icon.
  • Link box will appear.
  • Copy the link from the web page which you want to link.
  • Paste the link in the Link Box. Or you can select the link of article by type the name.
  • Select Open in a new tab if you want to do it (Recommended for External Link).
  • Click on submit button.

So, As per my knowledge, this is one of the easiest ways to add a link in WordPress.


If you are a blogger or want to create a new blog, internal and external links are very important. Especially, internal links can increase visitor timing on your site. Because they will have more information about your site to click and stay on your site.

If you add a link in WordPress for an external site, you can set the No-follow or Do follow attribute. It is up to you that you want to provide No Follow links or Do-Follow Links.

Normally, if the external site is not trustworthy, you should provide NO Follow links.

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