Hosting: 11 Tips to Select the Best WordPress Hosting Plan

Tips to select best hosting

Whenever you start a website, it is very important that you choose a good WordPress hosting service provider and plan. It is a key component and you can’t run your website without it. The selection of a good service provider is not a very easy task.

Hosting companies provide server space and technology service and You pay a particular rent for it. Your website’s data and files get stored in your allocated server space.

There are various factors that you should consider and analyze before you purchase your plan. In this blog, I will cover some important factors. This blog can help you to choose good service providers and plans.

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1- Research About Company

When I started one of my blogs, I was very confused. There were various hosting providers available. Which should I choose and which not? It was a very tough decision for me.

But after doing some homework and research, I found a good one. I purchased the Siteground plan.

For a better selection, You should list at least 4 to 5 companies. Read out all the companies’ backgrounds, reputations, and hosting plans details. You should not take a final decision without a proper workout and research.

Siteground, Bluehost, A2 Hosting, and Kinsta are some of the popular hosting service providers. Personally, I am using Siteground Hosting for one of my blogs.

2- Check Reviews and Feedback

Give some time on the internet and check the reviews and feedback of the hosting companies. It will help you to know the company’s credibility. You can check customers’ reactions to the feedback.

Good service providers will have good reviews. You should avoid it if the company has a lot of negative feedback and reviews.

3- Features and Benefits

Check all the features and benefits of the hosting plan. Compare some of the plans before the final purchase.

Check the available features like a Free SSL certificate, Email Account, CDN, Monthly visitors, Disk Space, WordPress compatibility, and other benefits. Ensure that you get the maximum benefits but also consider your requirements.

4- Pricing of Hosting Plan

Pricing is always an important factor. First of all, decide your budget and your goals. What kind of website do you want to create? What will be the traffic? Who is your audience?

If you are a beginner then I will suggest that you start with a basic shared hosting plan. It will not cost you a high amount. If you are an expert and what to start a big site then you can go for a higher plan.

5- Performance

If your hosting provider doesn’t give a good performance then it will impact directly your users. It is very important that your website loads fast. If your website load time is high then the bounce rate will be high.

Users don’t like websites that load slowly or very slowly.

You must consider, downtime, uptime, speed, performance, etc when you invest money in buying a hosting plan.

6- Customer Service and Supports

What will you do if you get any hosting-related problems? Obviously, you will contact your service provider. But what if your service provider doesn’t respond to you for 3 to 4 days? Your problem will continue till the time it gets resolved.

Quality support is very important. Your service providers should respond to you quickly and should respond to you well. Check the available contact number, chat support, and other customer care options.

7- Monthly Traffic

Almost all the hosting plans come with some traffic limitations. So, before you make the final call, you must analyze your website’s goals and expected traffic on your website. In case you are creating a new blog then you can prefer a basic plan.

At the starting time, you may not have very high traffic. After some time, if you get high traffic then you can upgrade the plan. However, you should check the terms of the up-gradation of the plan.

8- Server Location

Ideally, you should select a server location nearest to your users. For example, if your users are in India then you should prefer a server location in India or Near India. If your users are in the US then you should prefer your server located in the US or near the US.

Normally, hosting companies have multiple server locations. Check out the server locations list also. The location of the server also matters for the loading speed of the website for your users.

9-Security Features of Hosting

Good hosting companies will always focus on security features. Your service provider should keep an eye on important security factors and take important steps to secure the server. You should check the security level and quality of server resources.

Make sure that your website is safe. But you should also be proactive and should take the required steps to secure your site.

10- Renewal Price and Flexibility

You should also go through the renewal price and its terms. Normally, the initial price of any hosting plan is low in comparison to the renewal price. Normally renewal prices are higher side. Check out the available payment options and flexibility.

You can also opt for a 2 or 3-year plan if you want to save your money on renewal. There should be an option to upgrade your plan. Maybe you need to upgrade your plan in the mid of the term.

11- Number of Websites

If you are starting a new blog then you may opt for a basic shared hosting plan. But in my opinion, you should consider a plan which offers you the option to create multiple websites.

For example, in the Siteground Startup plan, you can create one website. However, in GrowBig and GoGeek plans, you can create multiple sites.


It’s really very challenging to select a good hosting plan. But for a good website and its performance, your hosting must be good. Whenever you plan to purchase a hosting plan, you must check and research it.

You should not change your hosting provider frequently. So always take the decision after considering important factors and your requirements.

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