How to Use Head of Family (HOF) Based Address Update?

head of family (HOF) based address update
HOF in Aadhaar

Recently UIDAI has enabled a new service “Head of Family (HOF) Based Address Update”. And it is good news for those people who were struggling to change their address in their Aadhaar because they do not have any address proof.

This service is more beneficial for the people like spouses, children, etc who don’t have any address proof in their own name. The whole process is very easy and you can do it online without any hassle. Before we go into the details, first let’s understand what is it.

What is Head of Family (HOF) Based Address Update?

With this service, you can change your address in Aadhaar online with the consent of the Head of Family (HOF). Any resident of India aged above 18 years can be HOF and can give consent to share an address with his or her relatives with this process.

And there is no need to upload any address proof of yours to change the Aadhaar address. But of course, you need to upload a supporting document of your relationship with the Head of the Family. You have multiple document options and even if you don’t have any relationship proof, the Head of the Family can give a Self Declaration also.

This article is going to be very helpful for you because I will explain the complete details of the process to use the Head of Family (HOF) based address update online. After reading this article, you would be able to change your address online without any hassle.

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Steps to Use Head of Family (HOF) Based Address Update?

If you want to change your Aadhaar address by using “Head of Family (HOF) Based Address Update”, first of all, open the UIDAI website on your device (Laptop/Computer/Mobile). After opening the website go to My Aadhaar and click on Update Demographic Data and Check Status.

After that, you will be redirected to the login page. On this page click on Login. Now you need to enter your Aadhaar number, captcha code, and OTP to log in.

When you will log in to the Aadhaar system, you will see various service sections including “Online Update Service“. As you can view in the below image.

update head of family based (HoF) based address update
Online Update Services

Now when you will click on Online Update Services, there will be three sections – (1) Update Aadhaar Online, (2) Head of Family (HOF) Based Address Update, and (3) Language Only Update

You can check the same from the below image. Now you need to click on the second section – Head of Family (HOF) Based Address Update.

head of family based (HoF) based address update Aadhaar
Head of Family (HOF) Based (HoF) address update

After that, you will have a page on How it Works. You just need to click on the Next button. Right after clicking on the Next button, you will be redirected to the address page. There will be two headings – Current Details and Details of HOF Required for Update.

Below the Current Details, your existing address will be shown. And now to process further, go to Details of HOF Required for Update. You can see the below image for your reference.

Enter the details

Now enter the Aadhaar number of HOF. After entering the Aadhaar number of the Head of the Family, the registered mobile number of the person will be visible (Only the last four digits will be visible). Now select Relationship Type from the section.

Now you need to click on Select Valid Supporting Document Type and select one document which you will upload as relationship proof. If you are submitting a self-declaration of HOF, then select Self Declaration.

Document List for Relationship Type:

  • Birth Certificate
  • CGHS/ECHS/Medi-Claim Card Issued by Centre/State/UTs Govts/PSUs having with photo and Date of Birth
  • Central/State Govt ID Card/Certificate
  • Entitlement
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Passport
  • Pension card
  • Ration/PDS Photo Card
  • Self-Declaration

Before you start to process the Head of Family (HOF) Based Address Update, you should have a scanned copy of the original document so that you can upload it during the process.

Now after selecting a valid supporting document type, upload the supporting document. After uploading the document click on the Next button. Right after clicking on Next, you will be redirected to the payment page.

Now select the terms and conditions on the page and click on the Make Payment and process your payment. You will be charged Rs.50 for this online update service. Now you have completed it at your end and now the Head of Family will process it further. So let’s see how it will be done.

Second Phase: Login By Head Of Family (HOF)

Now Head of the Family will log in with the Aadhar number. After login into the Aadhaar system, there will be multiple options including My Head of Family (HOF) Requests. As you can refer to the below page.

head of family (HoF) requests
HOF Requests

Now Head of the family will click on the option of My Head of Family (HOF) Requests and will be redirected to a new page. Now you need to enter the SRN number and fetch the details to respond.

On this page HOF will have two options – Accept and Decline. To approve and give consent, HOF needs to click on Accept. After this, you will have the consent of HOF to change the address in your Aadhaar.

SRN and Acceptance
Fetch Request to Respond

After completing the above process, it will take a few days to change your Aadhaar address. If HOF will decline the request your Head of Family (HOF) Based Address Update request will be rejected. Here is the summary of the complete process.


  • Open UIDAI website
  • Go to My Aadhaar
  • Click on Update Demographic Data and Check Status
  • Login Page
  • Enter your Aadhar number, captcha, and OTP
  • Click on Online Service Update
  • Go to Head of Family (HOF) Based Address Update
  • Click On Next
  • Current Details, and Details of HOF Required for Update
  • Enter the Aadhaar number of the HOF
  • The mobile number of HOF will appear (Only the last four digits will be visible)
  • Select Relationship Type
  • Select valid Supporting Document Type – Select any
  • Upload supporting Document
  • Click on Next
  • Click on the Make Payment
  • Process the payment of Rs.50
  • Logged in By HOF (Enter Aadhar, Captcha, and OTP)
  • Online Service Update – Services page
  • Click on My Head of family (HOF) request
  • Enter SRN Number – Please Type SRN and Fetch Request to Respond
  • Accept the Request
  • After a few days, the address will be the same as the HOF address

Conclusion – Head of Family (HOF) Based Address Update

So now if you are facing a challenge to changing the address in your Aadhaar because of not having a valid address proof, do not worry. UIDAI has made it easy and launched the above Head of Family (HOF) Based Address Update service.

And now you can change your Aadhaar address with the above process very easily. So guys, what is your opinion about this service of UIDAI? is it good or not? I hope you will like this service and it will be helpful for too many people in India.

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