Google Adsense: How to Get Google Adsense Approval?

Google adsense approval tips

Google Adsense is one of the oldest and popular ways to earn money from blogging. There are millions of bloggers in the world. Every day, many new and old bloggers apply for google Adsense approval for their blogs/websites. Some get the approval. Unfortunately, some don’t get its approval.

There is no need to be disappointed. Take this an opportunity and find out the problems or mistakes on the website. Why Google has rejected your approval? Inspect your website or blog in detail.


I guess you will get the reasons for Adsense approval rejection. There may be some problems in the structure of your website or maybe some problem in contents. There may be anything.

Here are some tips and suggestions which may help you to get the approval. I have divided it into two phases:


Use Top-Level Domain: Use a top-level domain like .com or .in etc. It will not cost you a huge amount for a domain. Always try to use your domain name easy and short. The long and complicated name will be tough to remember by your audience.

Site Design & Theme: Your site structure is important. There should easy navigation and easy to understand. There should be a proper menu and search bar. Header and footer should be properly designed. Your site should look professional.

Mandatory Pages: You must create a mandatory page on your website. You must have About Us, Privacy Page, Contact Page, etc. In the absence of mandatory pages, Google may reject your approval.

Publish Original Contents: You should publish only original content. Avoid doing copy content from any other website and paste it to your website. Google will not give approval on copy content. You should not use spin content also.

Unique Contents: Contents published by you should be unique. It should add some value to your readers and should be useful to the audience. Write high quality and unique content for your readers.

Don’t Use Copyrighted Image: Avoid using a copyrighted image on your website. Google will reject your approval if you use a copyrighted image. Create your own image from graphics designing tools or use copyright-free images only.


Avoid Grammer Mistakes: Your post should be user friendly and there should not be grammatical mistakes also. Content should be easy to read and easy to understand. Try to write your maximum content in an active sentence rather than passive.

Vintage of Website: Whenever you start any blog or website, you should not apply for Adsense approval immediately. Website vintage also matters. Wait for some time. Publish some good content for a few months then apply for approval.

Number of Posts: There should be sufficient content on your website. You should publish at least 15 to 20 posts. However, there is not any fixed number of blog posts. But you should have a sufficient number of posts.

Prohibited Contents: Google may not give approval if your site has prohibited content. There should not adult, pornography, drugs, etc related content on your site. Avoid publishing such kind of content on your website. For more details, you may go through Google Adsense guidelines.

Publish Content Regularly: Publish content on a regular basis. You should not stop publishing posts after applying for Google Adsense approval. If you are writing for readers then you should be regular.

Webmaster Guidelines: Before you signup and complete the process for approval. You must go through the google Adsense guidelines and make sure that your website is fulfilling the all the terms.

Steps to Process

The process to apply for the approval is easy and simple. Open google Adsense signup page. Click on the signup page and all required details and your website URL. Generate the Google Adsense verification code.

Copy this code and paste it into your website header area and update it. After that, you click on verify on the Adsense page.

In some countries, you may also be asked to verify your mobile number. Google Adsense team will review your site and will approve or reject it. It may take up to two weeks of time or more.


In the starting phase of the blogging career, almost every blogger wants to get Google Adsense approval. In this blog, I have tried my best to give you some important tips and suggestions.

Maybe it help you to get the approval. However, It a general overview only. It is not conclusive and complete in nature. It is also not the guarantee of the approval.