4 Best Free Screen Recorder for PC – Free Download 2023

free screen recorder for PC
Free screen recorder for PC

Possibly, you are a creator or Youtuber or a person who wants a free screen recorder tool that’s why you have landed on this article. In this article, I will tell you about some free screen recording tools that you can use for free on your PC.

This article is especially for those people who have a very limited budget or have just started their journey on social media or YouTube professionally and want to achieve something. However, free screen recorders are useful for others also.

There are various screen recording tools or software are available in the market. Some of them are free and some have premium plans. However, in this article, I have included 4 screen recording software that you can use for free. They are loaded with multiple features and benefits. Features and benefits of different tools may vary. So, let’s start to know more about them.

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1- OBS Studio

This is one of the best free screen recorders that I know. OBS Studio is open-source software that has multiple features and is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It was founded in 2012 and It is a well-known name for video recording and live streaming.

You can download it very quickly on your computer and start it.

OBS Studio free Screen Recorder
OBS Studio

The best part of this software is, that there is no recording limit and it allows you to work on multiple scenes at a time. With this tool, you can record your screen and create videos without any watermark. OBS Studio is available in more than 50 languages. So if you are working other than the English language, this free screen recorder tool may be very useful for you.

2- ShareX

ShareX is a free screen recorder. It was released in 2007 and is available in more than 10 languages. It is a free and open-source software and productivity tool. It is loaded with many advanced features that may be useful for users. If you are looking for a free screen recorder or tool, this can be on your list.

Sharex tool
ShareX Screen Recorder

With these tools, you may use various methods to capture your screen like – Full Screen, Active Window, Active Monitor, Etc. Here are some reasons for using ShareX.

  • Completely free and Open Source
  • No Advertisement
  • Lightweight
  • Designed for Power Users
  • GIF Recording
  • Quick Screen Capture Sharing
  • Trusted by Big Companies
  • Supports Over 80 Destinations.

If You are looking for the best free screen recorder, this tool may be a good choice. However, it is completely your choice which software you want to use.

3- Loom

My third name on the list of free screen recording tools is Loom. However, it is not completely free. It is a screen and webcam recording software. Loom has it’s free and paid versions. If you want to use its free version, you will face some limitations.

Basically, there are three types of pricing plans are available. Starter, Business, and Enterprise. The starter is a free plan and available with certain limitations.

Loom – Screen Recorder

For the free plan, there is a limitation of creating 25 videos per person and a length of up to 5 mins per video. Here are some features that you get in the free plan.

  • Screen recording and cam bubble.
  • Instant editing
  • Unlimited transcriptions
  • Privacy control
  • Viewer Insights

If want some more advanced features of this tool, you can go for the premium version.

4- ScreenRec

Screenrec is a free screen recorder and there is no need for a credit card to use it. You can download it quickly on your computer and start using it within a few minutes. With this tool, you can record your computer audio, record your voice, and record your webcam, with no watermarks or time limits.

free screenrec Screen Recorder

Currently, there are more than 250000 active users of this tool. Here are some features of Screenrec free screen recorder.

  • One-click screen capture
  • Annotated screenshot
  • Instant sharing
  • Privacy control
  • Analytics

You can visit Screenrec.com for more details.

Conclusion – Free Screen Recorder

Apart from the above, there are many other screen recording tools available. Some of them are Free Cam, Debute, Etc. If you are a very new creator, you can try the best free screen recorder that may fulfill your need. However, if you have the budget then you can go for a premium tool also. I hope the above article on the best screen recorder was helpful for you.

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