What if Featured Image is Not Showing in WordPress?

Featured image is not Showing
Featured Image

If your featured image is not showing in WordPress, there may be an error, or maybe you forgot to upload the image. In this article, I would explain how can upload it again.

The featured image is the thumbnail of your blog post. And you should always use it for your post. It makes your post more appealing and interesting for your users.

WordPress provides you the option to add featured images to your blog posts and pages. You should use this feature of WordPress.

Steps, if the Featured Image is Not Showing

You need to log in to your dashboard and select the post where you want to add a featured image.

Just edit your post. Click on the Set featured image on the right sidebar menu. And select the image from the media library if you have already uploaded it.

If not, you can just click on the Upload file and select an image from your system. After uploading the image, fill Alt text, caption, etc, and click on Set featured image.

After this process, click on update. Sometimes, it happens that your featured image is not showing. But when you upload it again, it starts showing.

However, there might be multiple reasons, for not showing the featured images. There may be some errors in your theme also.

You can use Canva and any other good site to create your featured image.

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