How to Create a Password Protected Page in WordPress?

Password Protected page in WordPress ou
Password Protected Page

Sometimes, you may need to create a password protected page in WordPress. Maybe you want to show some of your pages or posts to some specific individual.

There may be multiple reasons to create password protected page. Suppose you want to show some pages only to your pro customers. In that case, you can use this feature.

If you publish a password protect page in WordPress, only those people can access it, who have the password.

Let’s begin, with how you can create a password protected page.

Password Protected Page in WordPress

When you publish a page, By default visibility is set as Public. And your web page is visible to everyone. If want to create a page that is visible to everyone, then keep the visibility Public.

To create a password protected page in WordPress, first, log in to your dashboard. Hover the mouse on Pages and click on Add New.

You just click on Page which is available on the right side. There is a Status and Visibility option.

Create Password Protected Page in WordPress
Create password protected page

You just need to click on Public. Now you will have three options on the screen.

  • Public – Visible to everyone
  • Private – visible to admins and editors
  • Password Protected – who has access to the page? Without a password of it, visitors can’t access it.

You need to choose the Password Protected option. When you will select it, a box will appear to enter your password. Now enter the secure password that you want. I would suggest that you enter a strong password.

After completing the process and your other settings, click Publish button. Your password protected page will be published. As you can see the process to create a password protected page in WordPress is easy and simple.


  • Login to the WordPress dashboard of your website.
  • Click on the pages at the left sidebar menu.
  • Now click on Add new
  • Write Title, Content, and do all your settings.
  • When your page is ready, click on Page at the right sidebar menu.
  • Click on Public which is right on the Visibility option.
  • Select Password protected option.
  • Enter a secure password.
  • Publish your page.
  • Your password protected page in WordPress will be created.

In this way, you can create a password protected page in WordPress. In certain cases, it may be beneficial to you.

You can also create a password protected post in the same way. The process is almost the same. You need to select the Post option instead of a page.

Basically, this is an amazing feature of WordPress. You can create and protect posts and pages with a password. And you can provide access to them, whom you want.


In the same way, you can also create a private page. You just need to select the Private page while creating the page, instead of password protected. Normally, the private page is visible to the admin and editors.

However, password protected page can be accessed by anyone who has its password. Both kinds of pages have their own value and benefits. You can create pages and post according to your requirements and tasks.

Both password protected and private pages have their own importance. So before you create one of them, you can analyze, which one is the best for you for a particular task. And you can manage accordingly.

The process to create the above is very easy and you can do it easily in a few steps. I have tried my best to explain to you in the simplest way.

I hope this article was helpful to create a password protected page in WordPress.

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