What is a Consumable Cover In Car Insurance? Full Guide

consumable cover in car insurance
Consumable cover - Car Insurance

Consumable cover in car insurance is an add-on coverage to provide cover for consumable items. These are some items like nuts, bolts, grease, clips, lubricants, oils, washers, etc available in cars that are consumed by the machine. If you have consumable cover in your policy then its charges are not paid by you at the time of claim settlement.

If you have a basic comprehensive insurance policy and your car gets damaged in an accident. Then the insurance company will not pay the cost of the consumable items while paying your claim. This means at the time of claim settlement cost of consumables is paid by you.

So, you should take a wise decision while purchasing a car insurance policy. You should understand what is the consumable cover and work out that is it really beneficial for you or not. I will explain the complete details of it, but first, have a look at a list of some consumable items.

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List of Consumable Items

Here is a list of some items that are counted as consumables in car insurance. After looking at the list, you have some idea about the consumables in car insurance.

  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Lubricants
  • Grease
  • Engine Oil
  • Filter
  • Screw
  • Washers
  • AC Gas Oil
  • Radiator Coolant
  • Distilled Water
  • Gearbox Oil

And other similar items may be the parts of consumable coverage. Please read your policy documents.

Benefits of Consumable Cover

It actually may help you to save your money in case of any claim. Generally, a comprehensive car insurance policy doesn’t include consumable cover by default, and if you wish you can buy it as an add-on. If you have opted for this add-on then you can get maximum claim because the company will not deduct any amount for these consumable items.

If you don’t want to pay the cost of consumable items at the time of claim settlement then you should purchase this add-on. Let’s go through this assumed example for better understanding.

For example, Suppose Mr. A has a car insurance policy from Liberty General insurance. Mr. A was going to meet his friend. Suddenly on the way, his car got damaged in an accident. He is safe but his car needs to repair because of lots of damage.

Let’s assume the estimate for the repair of his car is Rs. 40000. Now in case, Mr. A has a basic comprehensive policy and that does not cover consumable items.

So, in this case, the total claim he received was Rs.35000, and Rs.5000 company deducted as consumables item. This means the difference of Rs. 5000 will be paid by Mr. A from his own pocket.

But in the other scenario, if a consumable cover is included in his policy then the company will not deduct the cost of consumables. Because he is having the rider for those items.

Exclusion of Fuel

This add-on covers almost all the consumable items of the car but generally, the cost of fuel is not covered. The cost of fuel is not paid by the insurance company. However, it may vary from company to company.

Does it Cost an Extra Premium?

Yes of course it cost an extra premium because the consumable cover is a separate add-on. This is an Add-on to the cover consumables and is not available in the basic comprehensive policy by default. So, for consumable cover, you can take this add-on cover with your comprehensive policy by paying an extra premium only. A premium for this may vary from one insurance company to another.

Normal Replenishments

Now a question may run into mind that if your car didn’t get damaged in an accident. But on regular use of your car, some consumable items get unfit and you want to replace them. Does the company pay any claim for this kind of replacement under consumable cover? Probably, the answer is NO.

This claim will not be paid because the insurance company doesn’t pay you for a normal replacement. The cost of consumables is payable only when requirements arising out due to an accident and if the claim is ok by the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Normally, the replacement will not be covered by this add-on in a car insurance policy.

Should You Include a Consumable Cover?

Should you purchase this add-on or not, it totally depends on you. If you ask my personal opinion then I would say, you should take consumable covers in your car insurance policy. However, it totally depends on your decision because the cost of consumables may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Components used in different cars may be different. It varies according to the manufacturers and models of the cars. The cost of consumable items of some cars like luxury and expensive may cost a huge amount and some small cars may cost less.

You should take this or not it also depends on your budget for a car insurance policy. You can compare and make an estimate for it then you can take better decisions. However, if your budget allows, you should go for it.

Claim Process and Documents

I would say, you should always try to file a claim on the network garages of the company. If you making repairs to your car on the network garage of the insurer then you may get your claim on a cashless basis. Normally you should inform your insurer on time if any claim is required. Here are some documents that you may need to submit at the time of claim.

  • Bills and receipts.
  • Copy of policy documents
  • RC n Car details
  • KYC Documents

There may be requirements for other documents also. and it may depend on the case also. Normally, if you follow the proper guidelines and intimate to your insurance company on time, the claim process may work smoothly. Along with other add-ons, the consumable cover is also important coverage, and you should not underestimate it.

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