Blogging Mistakes: Common Mistakes You Must Avoid as a Beginner

Bogging mistakes

In blogging field content is everything. If the content is not good then it is very tough to get success. Almost every blogger does some blogging mistakes in their blogging career. Especially in the beginning. We must fix mistakes on early-stage and should not repeat it.

Your content should be clean, and easy to understand. Before you publish your blog post you should know that you have written it according to your audience preference. Ultimately, it is your audience who is going to read your blog post.


Your blog post should have useful information for your readers and or should be problem-solving.

Mostly some of the following mistake we usually do as a new blogger:

Multiple Blogs

This is a very common mistake which many bloggers do in the starting phase. Managing multiple blogs in starting of blogging is not a good idea. Exceptions are always there. Yet, If you want to make a good and successful blog then you must focus on one or two blogs only.

Suppose, You are managing 5 blogs and you give 10 hours in a day. This means, on average you are giving 2 hours on each blog in a day. You are not focused on one topic. Your are thinking and writing in multiple directions even you are new in the field.

Do you think that in this scenario you can produce quality content?

Assume a second scenario of it. You are managing one blog and you are giving 10 hours a day to one particular niche. It means you are dedicatedly working on one blog. In this case, you have more focus. You may be more creative because you are working and thinking 10 hours a day on a single niche.

You tell me, Success chance is higher in the first case or in the second case? I guess your answer is the second case.

Focusing on Quantity

Google or any other search engine prefers quality content. Search engines give higher ranking to those blog posts which have quality. Let’s understand with this example:

Mr. A is a new blogger and is writing his blog post on sports. He write and publish 4 to 5 posts in a day. He writes his post without any keywords and topics research. He just write randomly and publish. His total focus is to produce more and more contents only.

Mr. B is also a new blogger. He writes only one blog post in a day. He does detail keywords and topics research. After writing his post, he does proofreading and edit it wherever is required any change. He take care of heading distribution, paragraph and sentence, etc. After a final check, he publish his post.

In the above cases, it is clear that Mr. B has a focus on quality rather than quantity. However, Mr. A has focused on quantity.

You should always focus that you are publishing good content on your blog. Your readers may not like it is not well structured and full of mistakes.

No Consistency

Almost every blogging expert will suggest you to post content on a regular basis. In blogging consistency matters. If you are posting blog posts consistently, it increases the value of your blog. Google and other search engines also consider the frequency of posting content on the blog.

Traffic on your blog may be down if stop publishing content on your blog. Your blog ranking will also be down on the search engine. What is your frequency to publish a blog post?

Long Paragraph and Sentence

Would you like it if I write 20 or 30 lines in one paragraph? or You would like it if I write 2 to 3 lines in one paragraph. I guess you will prefer the 2 to 3 lines in one paragraph.

A small paragraph makes your text more readable. It makes it easy to read & understand. Your sentence should not be very lengthy. It should be short and easy to understand. Your content should be like, anyone can easily read and understand it.

Not Promoting Your Blog

Especially in the starting phase of your blog, you need to give a push to your blog. So that it can be reached to more and more audiences. What if you have published 30 blog posts but no one is reading it. In the starting phase, maybe your blog is not ranking so that you might not get search traffic.

You should use social media to reach your audience. Join some forum and community in your field. Personal networking and social media may play a very important role to increase traffic on your blog.