Blog Formatting: How to Format a Blog?

Blog Formatting

Does writing a blog post not enough? We are living in the era of digital and social media. More than a million new blog posts are published every day. User has lots of content available online to read and competition is very high.

If you want that users like your content then your content should be the best and only best one. That’s why it is very important that you write the best quality content. Before you publish your content, you should format your blog properly and optimize it well.


Do proper search engine optimization of your content. So, that search engine like your content and you get more and more content.

How to Blog Format

Title: Write an awesome title that engages your readers and describes your topic. It is the first and most important thing which readers notice.

Introduction: Write an awesome introduction to your topic. After reading the title or heading of the blog, your readers come to the introduction part. It should be relevant, engaging, and interesting to the readers.

Heading Distribution: Heading and subheading is the most essential part of blog formatting. Normally you can use up to H6 heading. Use heading and subheadings distribution properly.

Readability: Write your content on your topic and check the readability of your content. Make sure that your blog is user friendly and optimized.

Use of Image and Placement: Use high-quality mage and it should be related to your content. Use images in the right format. Avoid using irrelevant and copyrighted images. You may place the image after 200 to 300 words.

Paragraph Management: If your paragraph is too long then maybe your reader does not like it. Write your paragraph short. It will look better in comparison to a lengthy paragraph.

SEO: You do search engine optimization of your content. After doing it, your content will be more search engine friendly. Ranking of your content may be better and there will be more traffic.

Proof Reading: Before you publish your blog post, do proofreading it, and do required correction. A mistake may drop your ranking. Your readers may also not like mistakes.