Blog Formatting: How to Format a Blog? 8 Tips

blog formatting
Blog formatting

Does writing a blog post enough? We are living in the era of digital and social media. More than a million new blog posts are published every day. User has lots of content available online to read and competition is very high. To make your content the best, blog formatting is also important.

If you want that users to like your content then your content should be the best. That’s why it is very important that you write the best quality content. Before you publish your content, blog formatting should be on your priority list.

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Here are some of the important actions that you must include in blog formatting:

1- Title

Write an engaging and attractive title. Your title should be like it left the first impression when your visitors look at your title. It should be like when people see it they think that there is something valuable information.

Blog formatting doesn’t mean that you do anything. Your title should not be misleading. It should be genuine and related to your content. Your title should be an explanation of your content.

You should include your keyword in your title. But try it should be natural. Avoid including keywords if there is no need for them.

2- Introduction

Write a good introduction to your blog post. It is well-known fact that the first impression is the last impression. Your preference should be to write your full content in the best way. But you should have some extra care in the introduction part.

After reading the title or heading of the blog, your readers come to the introduction part. It should be relevant, engaging, and interesting to the readers. If readers will find your initial paragraph useful and interesting then they would like to read further.

If the initial content is not good then visitors may quit from the start of the post.

3- Heading and Subheadings

Heading and subheading is the essential part of blog formatting. Normally you can use up to the H6. Use heading and subheadings distribution properly. Include keywords in some of your subheadings also.

When you do blog formatting, review all your headings and subheading very carefully and change where you think you can do better.

4- Readability

Write your content on your topic and check the readability of your content. Make sure that your blog is user-friendly and optimized. Your content should be easy to read for your users. Avoid using any kind of jargon and complex words.

try to write your maximum content in an active voice. Make sure that percentage of passive voice is very less. Write your content easily, so that a maximum number of people can understand it and get the benefits.

5- Images

Use a high-quality image and it should be related to your content. Use images in the right format and the right size. Avoid using irrelevant and copyrighted photos.

You should optimize the images which you upload on your site. You can do it through any good software or you can install and activate a good plugin for it. Most important name your images properly and also fill in the alt text.

6- Paragraph

Content is king so every small thing matters a lot. The paragraph should be small. You should avoid more than 2 to 3 lines in one paragraph. If your paragraph is too long, some of your readers may not like it.

You should write your paragraph short. It will look better in comparison to a lengthy paragraph. You should also avoid writing very long sentences.

7- Search Engine Optimization

It is the core point of your blog post. You must do SEO for each blog post. There are many points that may make your content better for your users and search engine as well.

Write good content and do SEO of your content well so that posts get better search ranking. I guess you are using SEO Plugins. If not, here are my recommendation – Yoast SEO and Rank Math.

An SEO plugin is a useful tool for blog formatting.

8- ProofReading

Before you publish your blog post, you must go through proofreading. Proofreading is a kind of opportunity to review your content, find out mistakes, and correct them.

You you have multiple mistakes it might not good for your brand. It may also not be good for your audience ass ell.

But I would recommend that you should not do writing and editing of your content simultaneously. First, write your complete content and save it as your draft.

After two to three hours of time, you should start editing your content. it is really very beneficial and will help in blog formatting.


Using the table of content will be an added advantage. For this, you can install any good plugin of your choice. You can also add schema markup and most experts will recommend using it.

Blog formatting is one of the most important activities, that every blog owner should do. It is one of the best practices to optimize your content.

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