7 Best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Best youtube channel ideas m
YouTube channel ideas

Do you want to start a YouTube channel but don’t want to show your face? Might be you are a camera-shy person or you have other reasons for not showing your face.

But if you are not sure about a topic to start a YouTube channel without showing face, this article may be helpful for you. Here we are sharing some best YouTube channel ideas that may be useful for you.

There are many people like you who don’t want to show their faces. So don’t worry. The good thing is, you can start a YouTube channel without showing your face and monetize it also.

There are several topics to starting a YouTube channel. But it is very important to choose your topic carefully. Because, if you are starting a channel, you might have some objective and you would like to achieve it.

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In this article, I am discussing the 7 best YouTube channel ideas, which may help you to find out a good niche for your channel.

Best YouTube Channel Ideas

Before you start a channel you should work out and know the following things. Because these are very important for the long-term growth of your YouTube channel.

  • Find out your strength. Do you have any expertise or deep knowledge of any particular field? If you have any kind of expertise, it can be beneficial for you.
  • What is your goal behind starting your channel? It will help you to work in the right direction to fulfill your goals.
  • Understand the terms and conditions of YouTube. So that you don’t do any mistakes and you don’t lose your channel.

Now, let’s have a look at the following best YouTube channel ideas.

1- Book Summary

The book summary channel is one of the best YouTube channel ideas. If you have a book-reading habit, then a book summary channel can be one of the best options for you. There are several book summary channels on YouTube and working well.

If you have good knowledge and have the habit of book reading. A book summary channel might be a good idea to start. There are people who want to know so many things and want to get motivated.

If you are able to produce good quality book summary, people will like it. And there is an unlimited scope for it. Because knowledge never ends. But of course, your presentation skills will matter a lot.

2- Motivation

This kind of channel is also in high demand. Do you know anyone who doesn’t want to be motivated? Do you know any person who has never been sad or disappointed in life?

I think you know the answer better. That’s why motivational channels are in high demand.

Starting a motivational channel may be one of the best YouTube channel ideas for you. But one thing I want to clarify you that whatever channel you start, you need to do deep work on it.

Because competition is always there and you have to be the best. So that people like your videos and your channel grow. You have to understand what kind of motivational video people like most.

There is a lot of scope in it and you can do well. Here are a few motivational channels:


3- Technology

As I earlier said that there is competition and you have to be the best to grow on YouTube. A YouTube channel on the technology niche is a very good idea. But it is one of the most competitive niches on YouTube.

However, nothing is impossible. If you have the knowledge and are a tech-savvy person, a technology channel might be one of the best YouTube channel ideas. If you can create informative, good-quality videos and chances your channel grows, you can make a lot of money.

You might know that Hard Work and Consistency may beat talent. So, there is no need to worry. If you have the knowledge and work dedicatedly, nothing is impossible.

4- Health and Fitness

This is one of the famous and best YouTube channel ideas. And this is an evergreen topic. You can start this channel very easily. But the main important thing is, that you have to understand the sensitivity of the niche.

People are searching for different things like weight gain, weight loss, fitness, and many other topics related to their health. And all of these are related to their health. And you have to be very careful while making your content.

Because a small mistake or wrong information may be problematic for the viewers. So, I would like to advise you, that please first make sure that you are the right person to start a channel on health and fitness-related topic.

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You should have a good amount of knowledge about the topics and most importantly, you should have the correct information.

However, I would like to suggest you that always put the correct knowledge to your audience. Either you are creating a YouTube channel on health niche, technology, or any other niche.

5- Education

Like you and me, there is a huge population who want to learn so many things. There are people who want to learn but don’t want to join any institute or coaching. And YouTube is one of the best options for getting knowledge.

If you have the knowledge and interest in educating people, education can be a good niche for you. Yes of course educating people is not so easy task. But if you are the person who can educate people through videos, this will be awesome.

You can use slides, presentations, animation, and other methods in your videos. Give your best and make your videos as best as possible so that viewers get the most out of them.

6- Relationship

This is also one of the popular and demanding topics. Relationship problem is common. But the good part is people want to resolve the problem. Otherwise, this kind of channel didn’t grow.

People want to solve and or improve their relationships. That’s why they are searching for relationship-related topics on the internet.

This might be something different kind of channel but the scope of it is there. Before starting the channel on relationships, you have to understand it.

You have to understand how relationships work. What is the psychology behind it? Nature of the people and so many things related to relationships. You need to do a good search and research to know the facts, problems, actions, and other things.

Maybe you are feeling that I am telling too much. But my main objective is, when you start any channel, you grow only. So, when you understand your topic well, you will be able to create good-quality content for your viewers.

7- Cooking

What would you do if you want to learn a food recipe? I guess you would open a video on YouTube or open a recipe book and learn it. Right? Correct me if I am wrong.

A huge population does the same including me. There are several cooking channels on YouTube which are performing well and earning a good amount also.

If you know cooking and like it also, this niche might be super for you. The monetary scope of this kind of channel is always there. Yes, completion is there but success scope is also there. You just need to work in the right direction.


You can start the channel at any time. But the main important point is your channel should grow and fulfill your objective. Normally, Earning money is the most common reason behind starting a channel.

Some people are earning very handsome amounts, some doing average and even some are not earning anything or earning very little.

Every success demands the right inputs, hard work, consistency, and the right decision-making. I would suggest, whenever you start a channel n any topic of your choice, give your best. And try to understand your audience.

Because it is ultimately your audience who is going to like or dislike your videos. If you will understand your target audience’s needs and choices, you will be able to produce much better content.

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