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Best Side business ideas for ladies Al ou
Side Business Ideas For Ladies

I have 100% belief that every person on this earth, whether it is me or you, every single person has some talent and or skill set. I am writing this article on Best Side Business Ideas for ladies because I have full faith that you are also having some talent and skill.

You are reading this article, because you want to do something, want to achieve something. And that is a great thing that you want to do something you own.

If you will analyze yourself as an individual and observe your surroundings, you will notice that there are a lot of things that you can do. And you will feel, that you can do better than so many people.

Because after analyzing, you will find your strength, and skills and you will notice so many business opportunities around you.

Before you start reading other sections of Best Side Business Ideas for Ladies, you should understand one core and important thing about business.

“No business is small. Business is always a business, whether you are selling Tea in a small shop or a Mercedes car in a big showroom. Every business has the possibility to become a big business”.

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Now let’s have an overview of some important aspects before start reading all 8 business ideas for ladies. I recommend that you should ask these questions yourself before you start a business. It will help you to understand things better.

  • Already have some skills or learn new skills: Do you have any particular skills? It may be anything like cooking, writing, dancing, singing, or any other skill.
  • Budget, Monthly Expenses, Months that you handle without profits: How much money you can invest in your business without taking any debts? And how many months you can handle your business if you don’t get any profit?
  • What are the profit and risks in the business, you choose to start? Risks are there in every business, but at least you should have some ideas. And it will help you to manage your business better.
  • Knowledge and Research on Your Business: What do you know? Whatever, business you start doing, you should do basic research. You should have some idea about the competition.
  • Time You Can Give – Part Time or Full Time: Time is very valuable and time is money. How much time can you give to your business? You can give your full day or only a few hours in a day.

After knowing the above, it would be helpful to start and manage a business. You can also read the below article, somewhere that can also be useful for you.

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List of Best Side Business Ideas for Ladies

There are unlimited business ideas for ladies available that I can write over here. But I have included only the 8 best business ideas that you can easily start and manage.

And the best part is most of them don’t need so much investment and even you can start it from your home itself. So now without any further delay, let’s start knowing those best side business ideas for ladies.

1- Fitness Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Class

There is a huge opportunity in this area. Now people are understanding that health and fitness are very important parts of life and people now include Yoga, Meditation, and Exercises in their daily routines.

You can start a yoga and meditation class or you can be a fitness trainer. But before you start, you should know the skills very well.

If you know yoga, meditation, or any other fitness exercise very well then only you can train your candidate. Wrong training will give wrong results and the right training will give the right results.

Before you start this business, you must take some courses and or certificates in that particular subject that you want to be a trainer. In some cases, a training certificate is mandatory also.

Initially, you can start from a particular niche, for example, you can start with Yoga or Meditation, and later you can add another segment of fitness.

Do you know that you have one amazing thing? I guess you know it and that is the Internet. Today, there are so many people available who want to get trained online.

It means you have two kinds of markets. First is your offline market, where you are physically available to your audience to give training.

The second is you have an online market where you can train your audience online. And there is no limit there, only the sky is the limit.

2- Social Media Influencer

My second most important and favorite side business idea for ladies is to become a social media influencer. It can be one of the best options for so many women.

In layman’s language, social media influencers are those people who are having so many followers on social media and or have good authority on a particular niche or subject. It means they have the ability to influence their audience on social media.

Let’s understand how you can become a social media influencer. Suppose, you are a meditation and yoga instructor or you are good at cooking. Let’s take the example of cooking.

You love cooking and you can cook so many good recipes. Now it is time to become an influencer. For this first, you need to have a social media account. If you don’t have an account, You can start your account on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

You just need to record the videos of your cooking recipes and post them on your social media. See, you are not going to be an influencer in a day or month. It will take time and you have to post your video on regular basis.

Before you jump and start it, I tell you that you will also face some competition as well. But you have to be the best and publish good quality content and have patience

But once you become a social media influencer and have a good fan following, you will start earning good money. You can earn a good amount through advertisements, sponsorships, etc.

Here are a few important things that may be helpful for you:

  • Be the best in your niche or topic and produce good quality content.
  • Know your audience choice and make content accordingly.
  • Read and understand the terms and conditions of the social media that you are using. So that you don’t violate their guidelines.
  • Be consistent.
  • Study your completions and other influencers to understand how they are doing good and earning good money. See, learning is the key and it will be very helpful to grow on social media.
  • Don’t depend on only one social media platform. I think you should establish yourself as an influencer on multiple platforms. So that if in any case, you get any problem on one social media platform, you have another source of earning and your establishment.

We are into the era of the internet and social media, that’s why I have included this as one of the best side business ideas for ladies.

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3- Bridal Make-Up Centre, Beauty Parlour

I am talking about business ideas for ladies then how can I forget this wonderful business segment? This is one of the best options for women.

You can start this business from your home itself. if You know all the things about Beauty Parlour and are well skilled to provide your services to your clients, then it is very good.

But in case, you don’t have so much idea, then you can join any good Beauty Parlour and learn about it. After learning, you should start it.

Why am I focusing so much on learning? Because I want that you be confident about your service, you know each and everything very well. So that you can give the best quality services to your clients.

See, this business grows when your customer comes to you repeatedly for your services.

When your customers will get good and delighting services from you, they would like to come again. And the good part is, they will do mouth word publication also. It will improve your brand value.

In every business, customer satisfaction is everything. Whatever, the business you do, your main priority should be customer satisfaction. I have included this business in Best side business ideas for ladies but you can also establish yourself as a big brand in this field.

4- Garment Fashion Studio – Boutique and Apparells

Every woman loves clothes and apparel. Might be you purchase all the garments and apparel from the malls or big showrooms.

Even there are so many people who purchase so many clothes and apparel from their nearby boutiques or shop or from the nearby local markets.

You can start a Garment Fashion Studio from your residence or if you can invest some money then initially you can also take a shop for rent.

When I am saying Garment Fashion Studio, It doesn’t mean a simple boutique or shop. I want to give you another touch here.

Fashion Garment Studio means, where you keep clothes, apparel, and other fashion accessories for sale. But simultaneously you also provide your personalized fashion inputs and services to your customers.

To utilize this concept in your business, you have to be aware of fashion trends and customer needs from time to time.

You have to work on it that how you can make your garment fashion studio the best. To my knowledge, it is one of the best side business ideas for ladies.

5- Freelancing Content Writing Services

Freelancing content writing is one of the best side business ideas for ladies. It is a good option to earn money without being employed by others.

There are millions of bloggers and website owners on the internet. And many of them need the services of content writers. If you have good knowledge and writing skills, you can also establish yourself as a content writer.

And the good part is there are many freelancing sites like Freelancer, and Fiverr, where you can register and find new clients for your content writing services. You can get so many clients from social media and from your direct network as well.

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6- Food Business

If you love food and cooking as well, then a food business can be an awesome idea to start. And if you don’t want to do so much investment, even you can start it from your home at a small level also.

You can start it like Tiffin service and slowly and gradually when you get profit and number of customers, you can scale it up.

You might be thinking that the tiffin service has a very limited market. But that is not true. I guess you have listened to Mumbai Dabbawala.

It is a big name and you can also Google to know what are they doing. Everything is a mindset. You can grow your business at any level. You just need to do good management and have good quality products or services. If you manage well, it can be one of the profitable business ideas for ladies.

7- Take Insurance Agency

I have seen that many people take this business very lightly and even some of them think that it is not a good and reputed business. However, it is not true.

This is a good and reputed business, otherwise, there would not be the availability of more than millions of financial advisors in India.

I have spent more than 5 years in the insurance industry, and I can say that as a financial advisor or agent you can earn handsome money and many rewards and recognition. And I can say this is one of the fabulous side business ideas for ladies.

If you have some basic education and fulfilling the eligibility criteria then you can apply for an insurance agency. You can contact any reputed insurance company and enroll yourself.

After taking an insurance agency, you can start selling insurance policies and earn money. If you are eligible, you should take a license for life insurance, general insurance, and health insurance company.

Because, in that case, you would have multiple product options for your clients. If you have a life insurance agency, you can sell a life insurance policy to your customer.

And if you have an insurance agency or a general insurance company also, you can also sell motor insurance and other products of general insurance. You can earn a good amount of money. Here are some tips if starting your insurance agency:

  • Know your insurance products, company, and competitors well.
  • Build your network.
  • Know how to do financial planning for a customer.
  • Learn about the selling process.
  • Know your customer before you pitch your products.
  • Give the best service to your customers and never avoid your customer in case they need any service like a claim of insurance policy, endorsement, etc.
  • Avoid doing any kind of miss-selling.
  • Build a good reputation with your customers and be in touch with your clients.
  • Ask for references and increase your number of customers.
  • Make proper data or diary of your customers and approach them before renewal and give your best service. You can also communicate about new products, services, or important information to your clients if your clients are comfortable and ok to receive such communication.

There are so many tips that I can list here but then this article will be very long. Starting an insurance agency is one of the best side business ideas for ladies that you can start easily.

8- Day Care Centre

There are many families where both the parents are working and they have their kids also. In that case, they need someplace where someone can take care of their child during day time.

And a good Day Care Centre is one of the best options for so many parents. If you have space at your home, then you can start it from your home itself.

But in case you don’t have proper space at your home, you can hire a place for rent also. This is a business where you have a big responsibility.

You have to take care of those kids very well, even if you should take care of them as a parent. You need to treat all the children at your daycare center as best as possible.

If you think, you don’t have any idea about the daycare center, then you can take the help of someone and learn things.

Even there are multiple preschool or daycare centers that provide their franchise also. If you have a good budget, you can take a franchise also. The Daycare center business is one of the reputed business ideas for ladies.


There are unlimited business opportunities and business ideas for ladies are available. You just need to have a look at them. You have to identify your skills and the best suitable business. Apart from the above, you can do the business of pet service, dance & music classes, coaching services, digital marketing, interior designing, etc.

Every business has its own risk and competition level. If you don’t want to invest so much money, there are many business ideas for ladies like the above which you can start with a minimal amount of investment.

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