Best Niche: How to Choose a Best Blogging Niche?

best blog niche
Choose best blog niche

Why the selection of the best blog niche or subject is very much important in a blogging career? Whether you are a professional blogger or a time-pass blogger, in both cases, you need to publish content. If your content is good then your readers will like it. They would like to come to your blog again.

But if your content is boring and full of jargon then your readers may not like your blogs. There will be very little chance that they visit your blog again.

The selection of a good niche is a crucial part of blogging. A good topic can make you a successful blogger and a bad topic can make you unsuccessful. However, sometimes a topic or subject may be good for someone and the same topic or subject may not be good for another person. It depends on many factors.

Here are some tips and suggestions, which may help you to select your best niche.

Micro-Niche or Macro-Niche

Let’s first understand the difference between macro-niche and micro-niche. Suppose Mr. A is creating two websites. One website is on digital marketing and another is on affiliate marketing.

In the above cases, digital marketing is a macro niche. Digital marketing is a very broad area. It may cover many sub-areas like Affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, WordPress, Blogs, email marketing, social media, and many more.

However, affiliate marketing is a micro-niche. His focus is on one specific area of digital marketing. In this case, the chance of ranking on Google may be high. He may also produce a better-quality blog because his focus is narrow and specific.

It is better to work on micro niche blogging rather than macro niche blogging. You can research well and can give better quality to the website or blog.

Interest Level in Your Niche

There are so many topics available to pick to start a blog. But the main important question, is which niche do you like most? Whenever you start a blog, you are the first person who is going to invest the money, time, and energy.

Le’s understand this example:

Mr. A selected sports as a niche for his blog because he like sports so much. He also plays some sports on a regular basis. He is a sport kind of person and love to read about sports.

He is enjoying writing on this topic because he like this. He is very much able to express his views and ideas about sports.

Mr. B selected Technology as a niche for his blog. But he is not tech-savvy and doesn’t like it. He picked this topic because of a friend’s suggestion only.

After some time of blogging, he doesn’t have enough interest to write about technology. He is not having a good focus on the topic because he doesn’t like it and he doesn’t enjoy it.

In most of the blogs, we express tips, suggestions, ideas, experiences, etc. If you blog in the field which you like most then the success chance may be higher side. Select the best blog niche before you start a blog.

Target Audience Vs Best Blog Niche

Before you start any blog, you must know about your audience. Who are the readers of your blog? What is the age group of your audience? You are going to write a blog with a certain goal. You should know how many readers are available to read your blog.

Let’s see an example:

Topic A = 20000 searches on search engine

Topic B = 150 searches on search engine

Which one will you prefer for blogging? Of course topic A because there are huge readers available. You can do some keyword research on your topics to get the best one. You must write and publish your blog according to your reader’s preference.

You should know what they like and what they don’t. It will help you to get early success.

Profitable Niche – Best Blog Niche

Which kind of blog is most profitable? Does your blog niche is profitable or not?

Ask yourself, what is your goal? Money or you are writing for just passion only. There are several expenses when you may do in blogging. Hosting, Theme, Plugins, and other tools can cost you a huge amount to continue as a blogger.

If you are not using only a free platform like blogger then you may need to invest a good amount to run a blog.

So, the Selection of a good and profitable niche is a very important step in blogging. You can earn money by adding ads or affiliates etc on your blogs.


You are the first person who knows you very well. What are your interest, knowledge level, and passion, Do you know better than anybody else? So, first of all, research yourself to select the best blog niche for you.

If your topic is good and of your interest then the success ratio may be higher side.

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