7 Best Motivational YouTube Channels in Hindi For You

motivational youtube channels list
Motivational YouTube channels

A little motivation and inspiration can change the entire world of any person. We all need some motivation and push in our life. There might be many phases during our life when we need motivation. That’s why I am including some motivational YouTube channels in this article to get inspired and motivated.

Whether your or me, all may have some bad phases, failure, bad habits, and many more things which drag our life in that direction that we don’t want in actuality.

And in that case, motivation and having the right direction to work, are very important. Nowadays, YouTube and many other platforms are there and easily accessible also.

You can easily watch, inspiring and motivating videos and get a positive push towards your goals. In this article, I am introducing some of the popular and best motivational YouTube channels.

I am sure, if you be a regular viewer of some of these channels, you will definitely move forward in your life and will be able to solve any problem. But of course, taking the right action is the core function to get anything in life.

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If you will not take positive and right actions, only watching motivational videos will not be sufficient to achieve anything.

Best Motivational YouTube Channels

In this article, I have included 7 Motivational YouTube channels, all of which are in the Hindi language. All of these channels are handpicked by me. I guess these motivational channels will have a positive contribution to your personal and professional life.

So, let’s have a start.

1- Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari - best motivational youtube channels
Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is one of the famous motivational speakers. He has a huge fan following. Sandeep Maheshwari started his career as a model. After facing many ups and downs, he established himself as a motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

He launched an imagesbazaar at the age of 26 and now there are millions of Indian images and videos. Imagesbazaar has clients across the globe.

If I talk this YouTube channel, it has 22.2 million subscribers and a good number of motivational videos are uploaded on it.

Whenever you will watch any one of his videos, you feel a connection and you will have a high level of motivation. Sandeep Maheshwari has a very good sense of humor and which you can also see in most of his videos.

I confidently say that Sandeep Maheshwari is one of the best motivational YouTube channels that can give you a lot of lessons, learning, and motivation.

2- Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker

Vivek Bindra
Dr. Vivek Bindra

Dr. Vivek Bindra is one of the World’s most popular and greatest influencers. He is a motivational speaker, leadership consultant, and business coach.

He is the CEO and founder of Bada Business Pvt Limited. He has achieved many milestones. Dr. Bindra also has PH. D degree in Philosophy.

He started His YouTube channel in 2013 and currently, has more than 18.6 million subscribers. I am one of his fans who watch his videos most often.

YouTube Channel: Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker This is one of the best, most popular, and highly motivational YouTube channels for youth and entrepreneurs.

3- TsMadaan

Ts Madaan

Ts Madaan is an Entrepreneur, Life coach, and YouTuber. His YouTube channel is very popular among Hindi viewers. He has many success stories like:

  • Awarded with Rashtrapati Award
  • Udyog Rattan Award for his contribution to Industrial Growth of Country.
  • Certificate of Excellence in management and innovation.
  • He has also conducted a lot of training sesstions in many corporates.

Ts Madaan YouTube channels’ main objective is to help Hindi viewers to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Videos on this channel are related to multiple topics like:

  • Life Skills – Self Confidence, Positive Thinking, Relationships, Time Management, Etc.
  • Spoken English Training
  • Selling Skills
  • General Knowledge
  • Health – Physical and Mental Health

Ts Madaan channel has around 11.3 million subscribers and a lot of viewers.

4- Sonu Sharma

Sonu Sharma best motivational youtube channels
Sonu Sharma

Sonu Sharma is one of the finest and my favorite motivational speaker. He is a speaker, author, business advisor, and entrepreneur. Dynamic India Group is founded by Sonu Sharma himself.

He started this channel in 2006. There are around 8.86 million subscribers on this channel and more than 600 million views. This is one of the best motivational YouTube channels in the Hindi language to my knowledge.

Sonu Sharma

There are many good motivational videos on this channel on the following topics:

  • Success Tips
  • Self Development
  • Sales Motivation
  • Motivational Stories
  • Network Marketing Tips
  • And other motivation videos

I have seen a lot of videos on this channel and all of them were awesome. If you want some motivation and a positive push in your personal or professional life, this channel can be a good option for you.

5- Him-eesh Madaan

Him-eesh Madaan
Him-eesh Madaan

Him-eesh Madaan is a corporate trainer, motivational speaker, author, and YouTuber. He is very popular among Indian youth. He is from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, and married to Gunjan Madaan.

He started this YouTube channel journey in the year 2007. He has uploaded very motivational and inspiring videos on many topics. Here is a list of some of his topics:

  • Inspirational Speech
  • Motivational Speech
  • Personality Development
  • Positive Thinking
  • Goal Setting
  • Communication Skills
  • Confidence Building

The good part is that he explains everything in a very easy and simple way. So, anyone and everyone can understand his videos and get inspired. Him-eesh Madaan has a very good experience and he uploads very educational and motivational videos to his channel.

You can watch videos on Him-eesh Madaan.

Total Subscribers: 6.2M

6- Dr. Ujjwal Patni

Ujjwal Patni
Ujjwal Patni

Dr. Ujjwal Patni is a name who has achieved many milestones in many areas. He has written 7 books in 14 languages (12 Indian languages and 2 Foreign languages).

Dr. Ujjwal Patni has been facilitated by 15 prestigious awards and he has led 3 Guinness World Records also. He is well established, popular, and prestigious International trainer, speaker, and coach.

His YouTube channel is doing well and has 5.92 million subscribers. You can find videos on multiple topics on his channels. Here are some of the topics:

  • Business Management
  • Motivation
  • Success
  • Communication Skills Tips
  • Family and Relationships
  • Motivational Stories
  • Biographies

His videos are really very inspiring and educational. This is one of the top and best motivational YouTube channels in India.

Channel: Dr. Ujjwal Patni

7- Harshvardhan Jain

Harshvardhan jain
Harshvardhan Jain

Harshvardhan Jain is one of the highly demanding speakers in India for mega training programs. He is a very popular motivational speaker and business coach.

His YouTube channel has 2.83 million subscribers and more than 200 million views. There are a lot of videos on self-development, motivation, success, the law of attraction, goals, leadership, management, sales skills, health, wealth, etc.

YouTube Channel: Harshvardhan Jain

I have seen a lot of motivational videos from this channel. I can say that this is really very good motivational channel.


Whether You look into your personal life or professional life, these motivational YouTube channels can play a very vital role. Life never goes in the perfect direction for a continuous period of time. The only truth is the ups and downs in life.

Whenever you feel a kind of failure, stress, feel like having nothing, even a little motivation can be helpful. I would suggest, that everyone should be a regular viewer of some motivational videos.

These motivational videos not only motivate, you get so many learnings also. And these learning and pieces of training help you to fight problems and bounce back in life. I hope these motivational YouTube channels can be helpful for you.

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