How to Add Categories in WordPress? Step By Step Guide

How to Add categories in WordPress
Add Categories in WordPress

If you have a Blog or Website on WordPress, it is important that you should know to add categories in WordPress. Categories help you to organize your posts well in WordPress.

If you have multiple posts on multiple topics on your site, you can do better hierarchical management through the categories.

For Example: Suppose, you have 200 posts on your site. Some of them are related to sports, technology, computer, mobile, and games. Imagine, you don’t have assigned any categories for them.

If someone visits your site and wants to see only posts related to the computer. He or she may have to check so much to find posts related to computers.

But if you have assigned and Organized all your posts in different categories like Sports, Technology, Computer, Mobile, and Games.

It will be easy for your users to navigate. It will be easy to find out the posts related to the particular topic. So, let’s understand how to add categories in WordPress.

How to Add Category in WordPress?

Add categories in WordPress
How to Add categories in WordPress

If you want to add categories in WordPress, first of all, log in to your dashboard. Now, click on Posts on the left side of the dashboard. You will see the option of Categories, click on it.

After it, you will see your window like the below image.

Details in Category
Fill Details of Category

You need to fill the required details. There are the following options you need to fill.

  • Name
  • Slug
  • Selection of parent category required if you create child category.
  • Description.

After filling the details, click on Add New Category button. Your category will be created.

How to Add Child Category in WordPress?

Child category in WordPress
Create Child Category

If you want to create a child category in WordPress, follow the above steps. But now you need to select a Parent category. Child category or sub-category has its own role.

You can organize your posts into categories and subcategories to make your site user-friendly.

How to Edit Category?

Edit category in WordPress
How edit category in WordPress

If you want to edit categories, just go to Post>Categories. When you will click on categories, all the categories will be displayed. Now you can edit categories from this page.

If you want to click on a particular category, click on the edit button. When you will click on the edit button, you will see the detail page of the category like the below image. Now you can change the details from this page.

Edit category in WordPress
Edit Category

After editing the details, click on update button to save the changes.

How to Add Category in Post?

Add category in Post
How to Add Category in Post

When you create or open a post in WordPress, you will see the option of categories on the right side of the post. When you will click on categories, you will see all your categories and subcategories. You just select the checkbox in the category and subcategory you want.


WordPress is the most popular and well-developed CMS. Categories are very good options to organize all the posts in WordPress. You might be thinking, is it really important to create categories.

In my opinion, yes it is important. It not only helps you to organize your all the post well, but it helps your users to locate the post on your site easily.

It is really, important that you have proper categories for your posts. So that you visitors can find the post of the particular category they want to read.

You can test it by yourself also. Just pick up two sites. One site with proper categories and the other without categories. You will see a lot of differences in their navigation and structure.

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