How to Add a PDF File in WordPress? Quick & Easy Process

Add a PDF File in WordPress Site
Add a PDF File

in this article, I am writing about how to add a pdf file in WordPress. You can add pdf files in few steps on the WordPress site. You can directly upload pdf file in WordPress and you can add it through the media library.

The process to add pdf files is simple and quick.

So, Without any further delay, let’s discuss how you can add a PDF file in WordPress.

Add a PDF File in WordPress

First, you open and edit your post or page where you want to add a pdf file. You just need to click on the plus button, and you will have a popup window on the screen. There will be multiple blocks including File.

If the File option is not visible, you just type File in the search bar. The file option will appear.

Select file to Add a PDF File in WordPress
Select file

Now click on the File option. Now you will have two options on the screen.

  • Upload
  • Media Library

You just click on Upload and select your pdf file from your system. And click on update.

You have another way also: First you upload your pdf file to the media library. And you can choose the file from the media library by clicking on the Media library option. As you can see in the below sample image.

Upload PDF file
Upload a file or pick from the media library

After uploading the pdf file, click on update. Your Pdf file will be added to WordPress.


  • Login to Your WordPress dashboard to add a PDF file in WordPress.
  • Edit your post or page.
  • Click on Plus where you want to add file.
  • Click on File.
  • Upload file from your system or from media library.
  • Click on Update.

In this way, your pdf file will be added to WordPress.

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