List of A to Z Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys in MS Word

Keyboard Shortcut Keys
Keyboard Shortcut Keys - MS Word

If you know your computer keyboard properly, I would say it is loaded with multiple keyboard shortcut keys. If you know and use these shortcut keys, you can work a lot without using your mouse again and again. And most important you can make yourself more efficient on your computer and save a lot of time.

In this article, I will discuss a list of A to Z computer keyboard shortcut keys in MS Word. After using these shortcuts, you can do a lot of tasks quickly on your computer. If You ask me, I would recommend to everyone to know about these.

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List of Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Computer keyboard shortcut keys are combinations of one or more keys. Now let’s move on to our list. I have written these keywords in the A to Z alphabetical order to make them easy to remember. So, let’s check the list.

  • Ctrl + A = Select Entire Text on the Page
  • Ctrl + B = Bold Highlighted Text
  • Ctrl + C = Copy Selected Text
  • Ctrl + D = Open the Font Preference Window
  • Ctrl + E = Align text to the Centre
  • Ctrl + F = Find
  • Ctrl + G = Go To
  • Ctrl + H = Replace
  • Ctrl + I = Italics
  • Ctrl + J = Justify
  • Ctrl + K = Hyperlink
  • Ctrl + L = Left Alignment
  • Ctrl + M = Indents Paragraph
  • Ctrl + N = Open a New Document
  • Ctrl + O = Open an Existing Document
  • Ctrl + P = Print
  • Ctrl + Q = Add Space
  • Ctrl + R = Right Alignment
  • Ctrl + S = Save As
  • Ctrl + T = Left Indent
  • Ctrl + U = Underline
  • Ctrl + V = Paste
  • Ctrl + W = Close
  • Ctrl + X = Cut
  • Ctrl + Y = Redo
  • Ctrl + Z = Undo

I guess you may already know some of the above keys. And if you know and use it, I appreciate you. And after reading this article, now you know the above computer keyboard shortcuts keys and I am sure it will help full to make you work easier.

Personally, I like to use many shortcut keys while using my laptop and it saves me a lot of time. And most important, I can do several tasks without using a mouse with my computer.

These keyboard shortcut keys are really very useful and you just simply need to practice them. After some time of practice, you can remember many keyboard shortcut keys without any problem. Initially, you may need to start remembering them but after regular use, your figure will start typing them quickly.


We all know using computers/laptops has become an important part of our life. Most professionals/employees/entrepreneurs/others are using laptops/computers frequently in their daily life. If you are such a person, you must have knowledge of computer keyboard shortcut keys.

If you don’t want to drag your mouse every few minutes and enhance productivity on your computer, start using keyboard shortcut keys. Initially, you might need to do some practice and remember the shortcut keys but after some time, it will be easy to use. With the help of computer shortcut keys, you can easily navigate and improve your performance.

Guys, I hope you like this article on the A to Z list of computer keyboard shortcut keys and I guess it will be very useful for you to perform your task on your computer.

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