9 Used Car Tips: How to Purchase a Used Car in India?

Used Car Purchase
Used Car Tips

The demand for a used cars is rapidly growing in India. In the last two-three years it has grown very well. There are a lot of used car markets and many more online portals are available in our country. Buying a second-hand vehicle is very common.

One of the most important reasons for the huge demand is price. A used car has a low price in comparison to a new car. Most middle-class and lower-middle-class people prefer to buy this because it is within their budget.

But You should always have cautious while buying a used car. Because it is not as safe as buying a new car. You need to be very alert. Here are the following tips that you can follow to minimize your risk while buying a used car.

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1- Do Some Basic Workout

Before you go to purchase, you should do some basic workouts and research at your place. Take a pen and paper and Note down some details like which brand you want to purchase.

You can note down the following things-

Which Make and Model you will purchase? Color preference, Reference of some good used car dealers and or markets, online portals, Your Budget, Vintage of the car, etc.

Before you do the actual purchase of the car, you should do some homework and research so that you have some knowledge at the time of purchase. It will help you to avoid any mistakes.

Also, make a list of do and don’t. So that you don’t miss anything.

2- Check all the documents of the Used Car

While buying a used car make sure you have verified all the documents of the vehicle. Match the engine number, chassis number, and registration number with the documents. Also, verify it from the transport and related authorities.

Be sure that you are not purchasing a stolen used car. You should match the Vehicle Identification Number everywhere available in the vehicle. If you find anything suspicious or tempered number then hold on to the deal. It may be risky.

If possible take the help of an automobile expert/mechanic. He may be the better person to find the problem if any.

3- Deal with Certified Used Car Dealers

Buying a car may be a dream in your life. Make sure that you are buying your dream car from a genuine dealer. You should buy it from a certified dealer. You can check some details from the other resources like the internet etc.

Be sure that person a genuine and you are dealing with the right dealer. If you have a known dealer in your knowledge then it is very good. You can also check his online rating if available.

4- Don’t be Quick if the Price is Too Low

A very low price trap is very common. If you are getting a good used car at a very low price then please have caution. It may be any trap also. Let’s understand this example.

Suppose the dealer is offering you a 2-year-old used car at a price of Rs. 1.5 lac. But all other dealers are selling the same vintage and brand at the price of Rs. 4.5 lac. Don’t you think that Rs.1.5 lac is suspicious?

Of course, it may be any kind of fraud or trap. Because if the car’s current market price is around Rs. 4.5 lac then why your dealers are offering you Rs. 1.5 lac?

I am not saying that you should never buy at a low price. But you should have so much precaution if you get so much gap between the market price and your price. There are many online used car portals available like – cardekho.com, mahindrafirstchoice.com, etc. You can compare the price.

5- Check the Car Thoroughly through Expert

Whenever you buy a used car then you do pre-inspection of the vehicle. You are not buying a new, so there may be any kind of fault or failure in the vehicle. When you finalize your vehicle then ask the dealer for pre-inspection.

Take the help of a mechanic or expert. First of all, check the car’s engine very well because it is the main part. If the engine is not functioning well or has any fault then it may be a problem for you. Make sure the engine is working well and it is in good condition.

Check all the Tyres and their current status. Inspect the car’s interior and exterior very well. If there is any LPG or CNG then it should be working properly.

6- Check the Odometer of the Used Car

This is a very important device. It is a device that measures the distance traveled by car. You should never miss checking the odometer. Here are some points where you should be more cautious.

If you find that vehicle is very old but it has traveled very less. In this case, you should check the odometer. However, in some cases it is possible. Because some professional people use their cars very less. But be sure that the odometer is not tempered to reduce the traveled distance.

Some points may be the signal of the tempered odometer. When Odometer looks very new but there is significant wear and tear in other parts. If there is any figure print inside of the odometer. Your mechanic will be a better person to find tempered things in an odometer if any.

7- Test Drive

A test drive is a very important step when buying a used car. After driving it you will know many things about it. Check that it is not overheating after driving. It is not making unwanted noise while driving.

You should observe that brake, accelerator, gears, AC, and other parts are working properly. Once you have done the test drive, let’s mechanic or expert should also observe the things.

Maybe You do not change your car rapidly, so you should also check your comfort level.

8- Transfer the Vehicle and Insurance Policy to Your Name

Once you purchase it, you should immediately transfer the vehicle in your name. If you have paid the money then there should not be any reason to delay the transfer process.

Transferring the vehicle is not enough. You should also transfer the insurance policy in your name. By doing this your car will be secure. if you do not transfer the insurance policy in your name then the insurance is not valid for you.

Insurance companies may reject the claim if the owner on an insurance policy and RC is different. So you must transfer the insurance in your name. If there was no insurance available then you should purchase a new insurance policy.

9- Precautions while Paying Money

You should have so much patience while buying used cars. Don’t be in a hurry to pay the money. First of all, make sure that you are completely satisfied and that you have finalized it.

You have done all the cross-check of the vehicle and there is no problem. After full satisfaction, you should pay the money.

Never pay the money without meeting the dealer/person in actuality. Be aware of app frauds and never pay any advance without seeing the used car in actuality.

Conclusion – Used Car

The used car market is huge in India and it has the good potential also. Buying a dream car is a dream for many of us. But because of low prices, and budget limitations, some of us prefer to buy a used car. There is nothing wrong n that. But it is important that when you buy your dream used car, there should not be any kind of disappointment or dissatisfaction. That’s you should follow some tips to make the purchase the best.

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