9 Popular Google Search Operators – It’s beneficial to Know

Popular Google search operators e
Google search operators

I guess you are aware of Google search operators. If not, there is no problem. In this article, I will discuss 9 popular Google search operators. Google is very popular and used worldwide to search for anything online.

Normally, people search their queries by entering common and basic terms. But there are some Google search operators also. These search operators are basically words or phrases or you can say search terms that you can use to get more specific search results on Google.

When you search on Google, you might get some results that are not specific to your search queries. But by using Google search operators, you can make your search result more specific and refined.

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Here, I am not discussing the complete list. However, I will cover 9 popular search operators.

List of 9 Google Search Operators

1- Intitle

intitle search operator
Intitle – Google search operator

You can use this operator in the above way. When you use intitle, you get the search results where your words are available in the title of the results.

Like, As you can see in the above image where I have used intitle with keyword research. And you can see the search result where keyword research is available in the title of the websites.

2- Inurl

inurl search operator
Inurl – Google search operator

When you use this operator for your search queries, you get the search result where your query is available in the URL.

Like in the above example, I have used the inurl operator with writing. And in the search results, writing is available in the URL of the websites.

3- Site

site search operator
Site – Search Operator

Site operators are commonly used by website owners, bloggers, and creators. This operator is normally used to check the indexing of the websites. If you want to check that your site and or posts and pages are indexed by Google you can use this Google search operator.

You can use this operator in the above way to check the indexing. However, It doesn’t mean that you might get the list of all the indexed pages and posts for every website in search results.

To check the indexing of your site, the best way is the Google search console. Google search console is one of the best tools from Google.

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4- Weather

weather search operator

You can use this operator to check the weather for a particular location. For example, I have searched the weather of New Delhi in the above example.

If you want to check the weather of a particular location quickly on Google, you can use this operator.

5- Near

near search operator
Near – Search operator

Suppose, you want to search for a particular shop or business or something like an institute etc, near to a place, this search operator is most useful. As you can see in the above example image, I have searched the Samsung showroom near Cannought Place New Delhi.

And search results are showing the list of Samsung showrooms in the same location. In this way, you can use this Google search operator for your query.

6- Exclude

By using this operator, you can exclude something you don’t want in your search result. For example, You want to search Apple and this should be about Apple company. And you don’t want that you get the Apple fruit in your search result.

In that case, you can Exclude Apple fruit by using minus. Eg. Apple -Fruit.

7- Quote

quote google search operator

This search operator gives you the exact match search result. If you have a look at the above sample image. I have searched for “Weight gain tips in English” and the results are showing only the exact match.

If you want to search for the exact match of your query, you should use this Google search operator.

8- To

To search operator
To- Google Search Operator

This operator is used to convert units. For example, if you want to convert temperature from Degree Celsius to Fahrenheit, you can use this operator. Or you want to convert a kilogram to the gram or some other unit like distance, etc.

This is one of the most useful Google search operators to convert one unit to another unit.

9- Stocks

stocks Google search operator

Stocks operator is used to checking the stock information of a listed company. If you want to check the stock information of a particular listed company, you can use this operator to get the result quickly.

For more clarity, you see the above image.


By using the Google search operator, you can enhance your search skill. You can search in Google in a better way and get more refined and specific results for your search query.

I hope, you got some satisfactory knowledge of Google search operators. And these operators will be useful for you. Sometimes, you might not get 100% of the same result, but still are very useful.

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