3 Best Yoga Channels on YouTube to Learn Yoga in 2023

yoga channels on YouTube
Yoga Channels

As yoga has a lot of benefits, I am writing about the 3 best yoga channels on YouTube and these channels may be very helpful to learn and practice yoga. Yoga is one of the best physical, spiritual, and mental practices that you can follow in your everyday life. It not only makes you physically strong and flexible but also strengthens you mentally also. We celebrate International Yoga Day since 2015 on 21 June every year.

There are many yoga channels available on YouTube. You can search and scroll other channels also. Before I go into the details of these channels, I want to let you know about some benefits of yoga. Here are some important benefits of practicing yoga.

  • Improvement in balance and body flexibility.
  • Improvement in strength and power.
  • It may be helpful to be in discipline and have self-control.
  • It may be helpful to get better sleep.
  • Improve health

There may be many other benefits also. Nowadays learning yoga is not very tough. There are many best yoga channels on YouTube, and you can find any best ones for you and learn them. And you can also join online or offline classes also. There are multiple ways and YouTube is one of the best platforms to learn anything. Now let’s go through the details of some best yoga channels on YouTube.

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1- Bharat Swabhiman

Bharat Swabhiman is one of the best yoga channels on YouTube and this channel is run by Swami Ramdev. He is one of the most popular names in India and the world. Swami Ramdev teaches yoga at his center and also reaches millions of people through Television and YouTube.

Bharat Swabhiman best yoga channels on YouTube
Bharat Swabhiman

Bharat Swabhiman YouTube channel is very popular among people and currently, there are 4.53 million subscribers on this YouTube channel. And the total number of views on Bharat Swabhiman is more than 837 million. Here are some playlists of its channel:

  • International Yoga Day 2022
  • 26 Years of Patanjali’s Glory
  • Special Events
  • Rashtra Gaurav

You can scroll through other listed playlists of this channel on YouTube and watch videos to learn yoga.

2- Shilpa’s Yoga

Shilpa Shetty is one of the most popular Bollywood actresses and she is a well-known name in Indian cinema. I don’t know if you know it or not but she also runs a YouTube channel on YouTube and teaches yoga. Shilpa’s Yoga is one of the most popular yoga channels on YouTube and has a huge fan following and views.

Shilpa's Yoga Channel
Shilpa’s Yoga

As of now, there are 981K subscribers and more than 92 million views on her YouTube channel. If you are a person who loves fitness and yoga, Shilps’s Yoga channel may be good for you to learn. Let’s have a look at some playlists on this channel.

  • Shilpa Yoga Meditation and Breathing Practice
  • Multi-Language One-Hour Yoga Practice
  • Shilpa Yoga in English
  • Latest Yoga and Meditation Practices
  • Shilpa Yoga in Hindi

You can learn many forms of yoga from this channel and keep yourself fit. Shilpa Shetty has explained everything with ease and you can understand them without any hassle. She always looks confident, happy, and fit and inspires people to be fit and healthy.

3- Natasha Noel

Natasha Noel is a Yoga instructor and a motivational speaker. Currently, Natasha Noel is one of the popular yoga channels on YouTube, and if you are searching for Yoga channels on YouTube, then Natasha Noel may be one of the good options for you.

Natasha Noel best yoga channels on YouTube
Natasha Noel

This channel has a big subscriber base of around 745K and the total views are more than 107 million. You can watch several formats of yoga and improve your fitness. Here are some playlists of this YouTube channel.

  • Workout With Me
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Yoga With Me

Some popular videos on this channel are 5 Exercises and 1 Stretch to Release Knee Pain, How to Do Triceps Pushup, Neck and Shoulder Stretch, Full body 25 minutes workout, etc.

Conclusion – Yoga Channels on YouTube

The above are the some of best yoga channels on YouTube. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy but many of us fail to maintain the required discipline and consistency. To maintain good fitness, it is important to have some physical activity, exercise, do yoga, and take a healthy diet. YouTube channels can be one of the best ways to learn yoga and learn many other fitness tips for free.

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