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Hello guys, are you looking for some YouTube channels for writers? Do you want to improve your writing and want some tips to improve and make your writing better? Writing is a creative field and there is always a scope to learn and be a better version of. No matter whether you are a fresher or have many years of experience, you can sharpen your skills anytime.

YouTube is a platform where a lot of writing channels and videos are available where you can watch content and learn for free. To help you, I have shortlisted 5 YouTube channels for writers. I hope these channels may be helpful for you and contribute to improving your writing and knowledge.

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1- Terrible Writing Advice

Terrible Writing Advice is a channel where you can get many helpful writing videos. Videos on this channel are in animated format and explained very well. Terrible Writing Advice was started in August 2016 and 426K subscribers are there on this channel. Videos on this channel are knowledgeable and entertaining as well. You might have fun while watching videos on Terrible Writing Advice.

Terrible Writing Advice channel
Terrible Writing Advice

There are many writing advice videos available on Terrible Writing Advice. Some popular videos of Terrible Writing Advice are Chosen One, Fantasy Races, Beginning a Story, Post Apocalyptic, Character Development, Science Fiction Weapons, Noble Houses, Magic School, etc.

Total Subscribers on Terrible Writing Advice426K+
Total Videos88
Total Views56 Million

2- Abbie Emmons

Abbie Emmons is a writer, YouTuber, and blogger. Abbie started writing at an early age. She publishes writing-related videos every week on this channel. Abbie Emmons’s YouTube channel is one of the popular channels for writers and you can watch many writing-related videos on this channel. Abbie Emmons’s YouTube channel was created in October 2015 and now there are 298K subscribers on it.

Abbie Emmons Writing Channel
Abbie Emmons

Some most viewed videos of Abbie Emmons are: Your Hero is Falling in Love With The Villain, How to Write a Strong Female Character – Who is Not Toxing and Annoying, What to Write About When You Have No Ideas – Quick Writing Inspiration. You can scroll through more videos of Abbie Emmons.

Total Subscribers on Abbie Emmons298K
Total Videos274
Total Views23 Million

3- Writing with Jenna Moreci

Jenna Moreci is a #1 best-selling author and YouTuber. She is from Silicon Valley and Her first novel name is The Savior’s Champion. If you are searching for some YouTube channels for writers, this channel may be good to add to your list. Here you may get so many writing-related videos. Writing with Jenna Moreci YouTube channel was created in 2013 and more than 276K subscribers are there.

Writing with Jenna Moreci channel
Writing with Jenna Moreci

Some popular videos of Writing with Jenna Moreci are 10 Worst Female Character Pet Peeves, Top 10 Pets Peeves in Fictional Romances, How to Create a Character Profile, and 10 Best Tips For Writing The First Chapter of Your Book. You can also go through the playlists of Writing with Jenna Moreci which includes Best and Worst Writing Tips, Publishing, and Marketing For Writers.

Total Subscribers on Writing with Jenna Moreci276K+
Total Videos360
Total Views28 Million+

4- Grammarly

Anyone and everyone can make mistakes while writing. There are some AI writing tools that are very helpful to make our writing mistakes correct and Grammarly is one of them. If you are using Grammarly, you must watch Grammarly’s YouTube channel because you can watch multiple videos of it and learn so many things about writing and Grammarly. There are more than 5 billion views on the Grammarly channel.

Grammarly YouTube Channels For Writers

Some videos on Grammarly have more than 500 million views also. Some most viewed videos of Grammarly are: How Compelling Is Your Writing, Enhance Your Writing, Do Your Best Schoolwork Faster, and Write Quickly and Confidently.

Total Subscribers on Grammarly188K
Total Videos154
Total Views5 Billion+

5- ShaelinWrites

Shaelin is a fiction writer and BA graduate in creative writing. She publishes writing-related videos on the ShaelinWrites YouTube channel. If you are scrolling for some YouTube channels on YouTube for writers, ShaelinWrites may be an option to find some good videos on writing. She shares writing tips and other related videos on ShaelinWrites. There are more than 110K subscribers on ShaelinWrites.

Shaelin Writes YouTube Channels For Writers
Shaelin Writes

Some popular videos of ShaelinWrites are My Top 12 Writing Tips – Advice That Changed How I Write, How to Write a Short Story, 18 Writing Hacks For Stronger Prose, and How to Instantly Improve Your Writing. Many more writing-related tips videos are there on ShaelinWrites. This may be one of the best YouTube channels for writers.

Total Subscribers on ShaelinWrites110K+
Total Videos201
Total Views4 Million

Conclusion – YouTube Channels For Writers

Guys, many more YouTube channels for writers are available on YouTube. However, I hope the above channels would be useful for you to learn and improve your writing. You can always find space to improve your writing skills and produce a better version of your content. The above YouTube channels for writers are loaded with many tips and knowledgeable content. You might like some of them.

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