5 Popular Book Summary YouTube Channels in Hindi

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Book summary channels

A few years ago, I use to read books. I used to watch YouTube channels but didn’t have any idea about book summary channels. After watching some book summary YouTube channels, I found it as one of the ways to learn and grow.

Earlier, I had a habit of reading books but now the habit of watching book summaries on YouTube is also added to my life.

There are so many benefits of watching good books summaries. Here I am listing some of the benefits which you may get from it.

  • It Improves your mental health
  • It Improves your knowledge
  • Positive change in your thinking process
  • A good change in your behavior and lifestyle
  • Improve your creativity
  • It also empowers your communication Skill
  • Improvement in your life
  • You get a lot of motivation

Books are always good friends, either you are reading them or listening. If you have a habit of reading books, it is super and you are having a wonderful habit.

If you don’t like reading books, then watching book summaries on YouTube can be a good alternative. Or you can also enjoy listening to audiobooks on other platforms also.

In this article, I am discussing some popular book summary YouTube channels. Book summaries on these channels are in the Hindi language.

1- Readers Books Club

This is one of the best book summary YouTube channels in the Hindi language. This is one of my favorite channels and I am watching this for many months.

You can discover so many world’s best books on this channel and enjoy the benefits of watching them.

readers books clubs book summary channels
Readers Books Club

At the time of writing, this article Readers Books Club has 1.06 Million subscribers. And this is a good number for a book summary channel.

You can also visit the website Readers Books Club

2- Rewirs

Rewirs is one of the most popular book summary channels on YouTube. It has a good collection of self-improvement books summary.

rewirs book summary channels

YouTube Channel Links: Rewirs

Currently, at the time of writing this blog, Rewirs has 965K subscribers. I have watched multiple videos on this channel also and I found that it is really good and motivational me.

3- Great Ideas Great Life

There are more than 5.86 Million subscribers on this channel. And this is an amazing achievement. Great Ideas Great Life channel has the main focus on the following things:

  • Self Improvement
  • Motivational Stories
  • Inspirational Stories
great ideas great life channel
great ideas great life channel – book summary channel

YouTube Channel Link: Great Ideas Great Life

Website Link Great Ideas Great Life

This channel is also known as GIGL.

4- Yebook

One of the best learning and motivation channels on YouTube is known to me. It has more than 3.3 Million subscribers on board.

Yebook Hindi book summary channels

Yebook has represented book summaries very beautifully through the animation. And the good part is very easy to understand and learn the topic. I have watched many videos on this channel and they were very good to me.

I enjoyed all the videos that I watched and learn a lot as well.

5- SeeKen

If you want to improve your daily life and working style, this channel can be one of the beautiful sources for you. Whether you are 20 years old or 40 yrs or above, all you can get is learning and motivation from them.

SeeKen book summary channel

If you want to improve your Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness, videos on this channel can play an important role. By watching them you can improve so much in your life.



If you have gone through this article, somewhere you have an interest in books or you are interested to improve your life in certain areas.

Books are always have been good assets for everyone. If you read good books on a regular basis, you will notice so many positive things in you and your life.

Alternatively, you can also have multiple platforms for audiobooks, and you can watch or listen to them.

ln, this article I have discussed only 5 channels but if you will search, you will find some other good book summary channels as well.

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